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Friday, January 21, 2011

Foto Friday

Time to share your favorite photo of the week!

Last weeks (completely optional) challenge was: SPOTS. Was anyone up for the challenge?

Adele was on the bed, Corynn was making faces to get her to smile and instead: she made the faces. Check out the hands on the hips! Utter cuteness.

These two are some close runner-ups though, not because of the photo per se-but definitely of the subject. I asked her to close her eyes and go to sleep. Anyone else think it is stinkin' adorable when babies close their eyes when you tell them to? Even though they don't understand why...? Probably just a me thing.

And I love how unreserved she is in her jumping. She actually got some good height on a few of those jumps! :-)

Link up!!

Fine Print::

The idea behind Foto Friday is to share a favorite photo that was taken the week prior. My hope is that it encourages us all to get behind the camera more often, to seek beauty out and new perspectives, and that it forces us to challenge ourselves and our photo-taking skills to soar to new heights all the while, having crazy fun.

Though a theme/challenge is not a requirement for sharing a photo, I will give a challenge SUGGESTION every week for those that want to push the envelope in their photography. I can not promise I will follow through with the suggestions myself, but I will be trying them on occasion. :-) Feel free to use the suggested challenge or create a challenge of your own, and if the mere act of picking up the camera is challenge enough-feel free just to post your favorite photograph of the week!

Please put the specific blog link in the Mclinky when sharing photos, and if you would~ add the Foto Friday button (on sidebar) to your post. The more that participate, the merrier.

Have FUN!!!


For those so inclined, a good challenge for this coming week is STRIPES .


Bonnie said...

Oh my gracious she is darling!
Sometime (soon I hope!) I will participate- my camera hasn't seen the light of day in sometime...

MameyJane said...

Still waiting on that new camera before I participate. I may be waiting a long time, so..maybe I'll go ahead next week and jump in with my old camera. We'll see.

Terri said...

She is growing up so fast. I love the photo!

Mom of M&Ms said...

totally did not get one single spot... but love your shots!! Love how cute she is!

...they call me mommy... said...

LOVE the pom pom garland! So cheery! :) Might have to make one to brighten things up around here after we took down all the Christmas decor! :)

Adele is ADORABLE!!!

Catie said...

Cute pics!! :) I really love your blog!

Full of Grace said...

My fav is definately the one with Adele's eyes closed! Super Duper Cute :)

Out for an Adventure said...

This made my day! Adele is so cute!

FotoFriday is back?! YIPPIE!!!

jonas said...
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abigail said...

Oh, Adele!

I miss you!

(And those pompoms rock!)