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Monday, January 10, 2011

Man Sweater to Baby Suit (Mini Tute)

When I brought out our winter clothing, I went on a purging binge because I am sick of unpacking winter things that we don't wear, then packing them back up just so we don't wear them next year either. Most things made it to Salvation Army, a few things made it into my craft room to be repurposed. (So I guess I wasn't on a total purge binge...)

One of the things that made it to my craft room was a V-neck sweater that was rarely worn by Matt. I tend to shy away from childrens' clothes that have corny characters on them and that really lessens the selection of baby clothes for boys. Because the sweater was super thin and super SUPER soft....I couldn't resist giving it to Judah baby for a new, character-free ensemble.

Made of dark green and paired with lighter olive green buttons, it has a militaryish feel, which I really like in this instance.

(Yes. My four month old could eat my 2 year old for a snack. What of it?!?!)

Begin by laying out the sweater and putting a baby outfit on top that you would like to replicate. If you don't have a one piece suit, you could use a tank and pants set.

Making sure the neck lines up with the v-neck and the leg hem matches up with the bottom cuff of the sweater (you won't need to hem these pieces then) cut around it leaving 1/4-1/2 inch seam allowance on sides and leg inseams. (**Notice: The v-neck/arms were cut so front pieces were SHORT and back pieces were long, giving the arm straps an overall feel.**)

With right sides together, sew up both side seams.

Sew bias tape along the inseams on both front and back leg pieces and along arm straps and underarm, which *should* be all the raw edges (Notice leg cuffs and v-neck are nicely handy now, eh?)

Add buttons to the front panel arm pieces (I used two on each arm) and make buttonholes on the back arm pieces.

Apply snaps to tape on leg inseams. (OR- you can use SNAPTAPE which looks awful handy, but I have never actually used before.)

TA-DA. Sweet little boy outfit for not-a-cent spent.



Bonnie said...

Just thought I'd remind you Dear-Heart, that Adele is 2. Unless of course, this was before her birthday.

This is FANTASTIC!!! A smart girl you are, so very, very.

Little kissy cheeks cute-a-muffin.
(I made that up. But its seemed to work).

Nanci said...

Way to go, girl!! I LOVE these little crawlers. What a great idea!!


Rebecca said...

well Bonnie. I am glad SOMEONE knows my childrens' ages. sheesh.

seriously, I wonder about myself.

Changed it so hopefully only YOu realized how much of an idiot I am. Thanks.

ulli said...

You are so talented! I'm duly impressed! What an adorable baby outfit on an out-of-this-world adorable baby!!

Teresa said...

sooo cute, way to go mom!

Mommy said...

That is very cute!!! Great job:)

Wendy said...

This is seriously cute! I LOVE it...and it looks so snuggy too! Waste not want not!!!

Regarding getting together: Does Friday Jan. 21st work for you? I will ask Elizabeth the same, and then we can work out time details and whatnot.

Susan in SC said...

Very creative and very cute kids!!

children clothes said...

Thank you for sharing to us this post of yours, now I could really make a baby clothes of the baby of my sister.

MameyJane said...

I love it! I, either, am not a fan of character stuff--boys or girls. No thank you Sponge Bob or Spider man. But my son goes ga-ga over them :(.

Soft, warm, one-pieces are my favorite for baby boys. You did a great job!

missy said...

That is such a genius idea!
And the baby is way too cute.
Now I wish a I had a baby to make one of these for.

Anonymous said...

I love this!

added to the list of things you do that I wish I'd done (or even known how to do) when my sons were babies.

your children are sooooo cute.

b in va

...they call me mommy... said...

SWEET! :) It looks so nice, Rebecca!