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Friday, February 04, 2011

Foto Friday

Time to share your favorite photo of the week!

Matt was in Vermont this week, leaving me all by my lonesome. You would think this would afford me MORE time, not less~ but not so. I managed to tackle quite a few BIG projects (like doing our taxes, and that Q&A post for example), finish a few projects, AND keep 40 some mouths fed.

I just didn't have it in me to be creative and follow the RAINBOW suggestion. So you get this~ not even my favorite of the week but it is one you haven't yet seen.

Any favorites for the week off YOUR camera?

Fine Print::

The idea behind Foto Friday is to share a favorite photo that was taken the week prior. My hope is that it encourages us all to get behind the camera more often, to seek beauty out and new perspectives, and that it forces us to challenge ourselves and our photo-taking skills to soar to new heights all the while, having crazy fun.

Though a theme/challenge is not a requirement for sharing a photo, I will give a challenge SUGGESTION every week for those that want to push the envelope in their photography. I can not promise I will follow through with the suggestions myself, but I will be trying them on occasion. :-) Feel free to use the suggested challenge or create a challenge of your own, and if the mere act of picking up the camera is challenge enough-feel free just to post your favorite photograph of the week! In fact, sharing the best QUALITY photo is better than following the challenge if it is either/or.

Please put the specific blog link in the Mclinky when sharing photos, and if you would~ add the Foto Friday button (on sidebar) to your post. The more that participate, the merrier.

Have FUN!!!


For those so inclined, a good challenge for this coming week is warming .


Bonnie said...


I've been waiting! I actually had pictures this week and loaded them this A.M. so I wouldn't have to stop cleaning for tonight's party.
And I'm the first entry, which says I'm checking the computer to often and not cleaning enough if you ask me.

Sloppy-joe makin' is a callin' so I'll be back later.

Full of Grace said...

Your rose is stunning, who needs a rainbow when you've got such a beauty there!!! :)

Miranda said...

Very pretty!

Lana said...

i didn't take *one* decent picture this week. :( catch ya next week! love your rose :D

ella@lifeologia said...

Very pretty. I love the detail shot ;)

...they call me mommy... said...

Gorgeous! Just when I thought I was sick of white ;), you bring out this beautiful! Flowers remind me of spring & summer as well! :)

...they call me mommy... said...

BEAUTY not BEAUTIFUL! :P I always misspell things cause I hurry too much! :P

Jemit said...

you do so much with just a simple white rose.. It almost looks artificial.. lol

Jennifer said...

Such a beautiful rose! I love the composition. I have to remember that next time I get an opportunity to take flower pictures. I'm so bad at always taking them head on. Silly, huh. Great shot, so soft and romantic.