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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's only taken four years

My very first crochet project (when I was first learning to crochet way back when) I began when I was very sick, bed-ridden in fact. Silly me thought 3 skeins of yarn would be PLENTY to make an afghan (after all, most of it is HOLES, right?!?! *snort*) so I set to work to make my love a bit of love out of yarn.

I wanted it to be queen sized, not lap sized (again- WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?) figuring it wouldn't take THAT long. Ha. Foolish, foolish girl.

Four years later~

  • I found out that 3 skeins is definitely NOT enough for an afghan
  • I learned my lesson about dye lots (hence the stripes-it was originally going to be solid but never found a matching yarn to the original three skeins)
  • I learned that queen-sized anything probably is a bit excessive for a first project.
I KNEW I couldn't let another birthday pass without this being wrapped up so I hustled....and FINALLY finished it! And you know what?! As soon as it WAS done, I missed it.

Learned a few other things too...

Turns out~ I rather like the kind of drawn out projects that fingers can fly at without taxing your brain too much. I love always having a little something to do whenever I get to it-but no pressure TO get to it.

SO I need a new afghan project and stat.

And I learned that blankets woven with love are so much warmer.


Bonnie said...

So pretty- er handsome? Anyway, I like it!

Leah said...

My crochet blanket (also very large) has been sitting in my basket by my couch for about two years now. *sigh*

Terri said...

Great job!

Mommy said...

It is beautiful, you did a great job!!!

Nanci said...

Wahoooo!!! Looks fabulous!

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Patrizia said...

I love it! Its an addiction that needs to be fed. I know it! I go through it all the time.

I learned when I was very young, but then did nothing with it for years, until I too became very ill with the flu. I drug myself to the craft store & bought a hook, yarn & a how to book.

Crawled back into my bed & as much as I could muster, began learning. I made a beautiful thread crochet something. Was so beautiful, I cant even remember what it was! haha....

Anyway, keep at it. Its really an addiction & its a wonderful one!

Great job! Love it!


Rebecca said...

Sounds like you have the fever. I have about 3 or 4 projects ongoing and love all of them. Good for you on your first project!

Full of Grace said...

I like the different colors, it gives it manly character :) I bet Matt was beyond thrilled! :)

abigail said...

Oh, hurrah!

I can only imagine how relieved and happy you are to have it done, and with such a lovely result, too! I love the stripes. They give it a dash of panache.

...they call me mommy... said...

LOVE it, friend!! :) How many skeins did it end up being total??

Rebecca said...

Amy~not sure exactly, but I am figuring about 15?? Definitely not the most frugal blanket in the house! Actually, it is DEFINITELY the most expensive! :-)

Robert said...

I have made blankets like this for each of my children. My youngest now 29 has had his blanket since he was 18 he uses it every night and when he is stressed he says it gives him great comfort.
He has two children of his own and he will not let the near his blanket! I find this so funny and yet wonderful that he understands all of the love that went into making his blanket. His blanket looks brand new despite almost 11 years of wear. He still loves his blanket. His is queen sized as well.