What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Poor Birdies

I have been sitting on so many photographs (and bits of life) that I have wanted to post for posterity and I have been wanting to do them all one at a time, because really, who wants to be snowplowed with never-ending blogposts about nothing? (and of course, one at a time blogposts might mean more interaction, i.e. comments. Yes. I am that lame.)


If I do them all at once, just MAYBE I can someday get caught up.

So this is me. Snowplowing.

Or, in other words, killing (many) birds with one proverbial stone. ---Hope you brought your shovels. ---

Birdie #1:

I saw this outfit on the clearance rack at Target and completely splurged. Judah doesn't need another outfit~ but it is so perfect for my Judah because all people ever say about him is exclamations of how HUGE he is. (Yes, he is.) But adorably so. Just like that adorable elephant. I couldn't resist.

Birdie #2: Last week (or was it two weeks ago?) there was a blissful day of 54 degree weather. ((It is very cold and snowy. Again.)) I gave old muckboots to the next child on down the line and she has been wearing them ever since. This is both good and bad. She can get her shoes on by herself. (good) She can go outside without my help/permission/knowing. (bad. very, VERY bad.)

She is incredibly cute though. So I forgive her.

Especially when she puts her hands behind her back as she walks along, as she frequently does. Who wouldn't??!?!?

Birdie #3: Clean bedrooms are like unto rare good hair days, and just as worthy of photo documentation. I usually clean out excess garbage and sort through toys right before Christmas to "make room" but, well, I didn't quite get to it until mid-February. Someday I would love to actually DECORATE their room but for now, I will be content at least with clean.

I am happy to report, we are on day #8 of the room STAYING this clean. (Wonder of wonders!) I think the children rather like it when it is clean and want to keep it that way. (or maybe it was the death threats...)

Birdie #4: To the ladies who said on a previous post having many dolls was actually raising up daughters to have large families? Thank you. I comfort myself with this fact daily.

Birdie #5 : When your husband is out of town and you are feeling blue, take my advice. Go to dinner with your sister at the hotel where her husband is chef and your blues will melt away. Your pounds, however, will actually multiply exponentially. (Thanks Bob, for a deeeeeelicious meal.) I am now craving zucchini and wondering how I ever grew tired of it this past summer.

Birdie #6: This teeny tiny hat.....

...magically turned into this just-right hat.

Thank you Nanci. You SHOULDN'T have!

Birdie # 7:Speaking of decorating: I added a few teeny little things to the school room to make it more lovely and less...utilitarian.

Amazing what a few small changes can do.

I added the paper globes (they were two for a dollar last year at Target) to mimic the real world globe above the bookcases. And discovered I loved the color scheme in the globe.

And I added a few applicable signs after discovering them at a recently discovered store for 50% off. Anyone ever heard of Hobby Lobby?




Birdie #7: Speaking of Hobby Lobby: I got this material (originally 19.00 a yard marked down to $4.00 a yard) there. It was in curtain fabric clearance. WHAT is it with ME AND CURTAINS?!?! This material is going to be this years Easter ensemble, if I can ever muster enough courage to step into my frigid craft room. I.Love.It.

Birdie #8: And guess what else I have been up to?

Because I can't let yarn beat me.

Actually making something other than a square still seems impossible. But I *DO* remember feeling that very way about crochet once upon a time. Wish me luck.

and a few without pictures:

Birdie #9: Thanksgiving dinners in February are fun. Though if the goal is the make room in your freezer, using just one turkey doesn't really cut it.

Birdie #10: Corynn's new favorite color is now blue.

Birdie #11: We STILL haven't handed out our Valentines. (whoops)

Birdie #12: I just paid $13.00 in late-fees to the library. $13.00!!!! Thankfully, the library is one place I don't mind throwing my money away at. (But it still makes me sick.)

Birdie #13: Matt isn't going to shave his beard until ANDREW's birthday this year. sigh. A few more weeks....

Birdie #14: Rest time is over for the children, so that is the end of this catch-up post.


(Right about the time when those of you LEFT are screaming for mercy.)
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