What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Curiousity killed the....

I have a few questions


would love any input you all have to offer.

Answer me! No pressure. But do it NOW! ;-)


Inquiry #1:
What is your opinion on sharing beds? I have always been a one bed for all kind of girl, but have recently been considering having the girls sleeping in a kingsize bed together. I figure it could fit three or four (little) girls. Completely teetering on the fence about what would be best. What are your thoughts? Have you ever done it? Do your children do it? Do they/you love or hate it?

It would certainly cut down on washing sheets. (And bed space). And btw, I am talking about same gender. Just so we are clear.

Inquiry #2:
For those homeschoolers out there~ when is your homeschool day over? Do you shut the school books in the morning, afternoon or work all the way until evening (though sporatically) ? I'd love to know how long the homeschooling takes you each day (realizing, of course, it changes often)

Inquiry #3:

I have an almost 8 (in two weeks!) year old girl and a 5 year old boy that have expressed serious interest in receiving mail. As part of their writing assignments this school year, I would love to get them each a penpal in order to encourage enthusiasm in writing and to maybe fulfill that yearning for mail (and yes, it is yearning). If you have a child who would be willing to be a penpal for either Corynn or Andrew~ please contact me. I'd like a letter to/from to happen once a month during the school year. I am sure my children will be including stickers, artwork, etc. in their envelopes so you mustn't be opposed to receiving junk treasures along with the letters.

Inquiry #4:

I am planning on a homemade Christmas again this year. (I have a few presents stored up that need to be moved out but everything else will be handmade). Just curious~ has anyone else started thinking/planning/making Christmas presents yet?

Any awesome ideas I can steal?

Inquiry #5:

I have been pining to watch a good old hardworking-woman-in-an-apron, type of movie like Run the Wild Fields or Babettes Feast. Any suggestions?

Inquiry #6:

Does everyone know what c'est la vie mean? (OOPS. Edited because I MEANT TO WRITE Joie de vivre. THAT is what I was contemplating as a business name. It means 'joy of life' or 'joy of living'. Maybe Matt is right...if I can't even get the name down MYSELF. hehehe)

I have been considering it as a business name and I think it epitomizes what I want to convey. Matt thinks no one will know what it means or how to pronounce it. What do you think?

I guess that is all I can think of for now. I knew I had a few more, but, alas. I have the memory of a 98 year old. :-(

~pictures of: steeping a batch of rosewater~


Mom of M&Ms said...

our girls share a bed.. king size.. and we tried the each in their own room thing, but after our move our youngest, now 7 was having issues.. so they share a room and a bed...

our 9 year old has a pen pal in Ireland. our 7 year old would love one. I think you have my email, but simplyphotographs@gmail.com. I love the art of letter writing.. plus it gives a puch to handwriting and communication.

c'est la vie literally means "it is life". perfect business name

Bonnie said...

I am not opposed to same gender bed sharing, I think its a great idea actually, though by todays way of thinking its odd. Use to happen all the time- you've read the Little House Books!

School days- growing up, we just worked 'til we finished. If it was before lunch yay. If you dawdled and it took all day, that was your own fault. I think this year will set an actual pace for us, but we shall see.

If interested, I have a 6 1/2 year old who loves to fill envelopes with junk-er treasures.

I am interested in stealing any and all Christmas ideas

The Egg and I (one of my all time favorites) or to a degree State Fair or Summer Stock(? it has gene kelly, who I don't really care for, and Judy Garland who I do)

I think C'est la vie is a fairly well known phrase

You've posted everyday this week!!!!

Catie said...

I think as long as the children are fine with bed sharing--go for it! :)

Looking forward to seeing your Christmas ideas! (Especially after seeing the Circus birthday party!)

Amy might suggest this too, but have you seen The Magic of Ordinary Days?

"C'est la vie" is a great name and if someone doesn't know what it means I say LOOK IT UP! ;)

One more thing--what do you use rose water for? (should I know this?)

Anonymous said...

Sharing a king size bed is great for kids! It also helps when you have guests over....there's always a bed for your visitors.

As for C'est la vie, I believe it means "That's life". It is very common and I think most people know how to pronounce it (sorry, Matt!)

As for penpals, my daughter is just 2 so a little young, but I just wanted to really encourage the penpal idea. I was set up with a pen pal in Gr. 3 and to this day, we are still very close friends (and we are 33 years old!). She lives in Lynden, WA and I in Ontario, yet we visit each other every other year and we talk on the phone at least once a month. So I hope your children will find pen pals!!


Anonymous said...

I love our homemade vanilla and I think it would be a great gift. It's also very easy to make!

...they call me mommy... said...

My kids beg me ALL.THE.TIME. to share a bed! I think it's a great idea! :) Recently Alyssa over at Resolved2Worship had a post about fixing up her girls room...she had 3 girls across in a queen turned sideways I think?! She even had a little video showing the room...

Mornings are our "formal" learning time...math, phonics, & reading/writing etc. About 3 hours or so...I'm sure as the kids get older they will have a bit more but for now that works great...of course, we do a lot more than throughout the day...like more reading, crafts, or nature stuff...I find that I'm less tired in the morning and right now that is when my Ella (2) naps also.

Annie and Noah would love a penpal! Just let me know if you need anymore! ;)

I don't have many good homemade present ideas. I was actually counting on my favorite homemade present idea blog called Renaissance to provide me with a few ideas. ;) LOL! Sorry. My best idea is to give everybody a jar of jam and call it good! LOL!

Hmm...Catie mentioned a good one...how 'bout the Sarah Plain & Tall Trilogy? Or Mrs. Miniver or Young at Heart? I haven't seen the last two in awhile so don't hold it against me if they stink. :P ;) Or if you want a funny one get Pride & Pred version with Greer Garson and Lawrence Oliver...I think it's hilarious and just a funny take on that book. I actually haven't seen the two you mentioned so now I have to go see them! :)

HAHA! Of course, we know what "C'est la vie" means and I love it! Haitian Creole is a offshoot of French and they say "Ce la vie" all the time! My sister got me saying it...the creole version means that's life! :) I think it's a beautiful name for your biz!

Have a swell day, Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

Can I be the discordant note, and also be very honest and say I would go for bunk beds. For both boy and girl. It is nice in theory to share beds. But if I read your plan correctly, you plan to put up to 4 little girls in one king bed. Your oldest daughter is 8 now, but imagine if she were 12 or an older teen and have younger sisters who are 2 and 4 in addition to your current little girl with her in bed. It is my firm belief that unless you are comfortable co-sleeping with an infant or a toddler in your marital bed you should not ask of it of your children, especially older sisters. Being an older sister in a large family if we are very honest comes with responsibilities that include child care at some point. And it is definitely not the same as baby sitting. Changing the odd diaper or helping out is the not the same as sharing a bed. Currently you are the person your children go to for comfort in the middle of the night. If a small girl shares a bed with an older sister , the older sister takes over that role. Would you be comfortable handing that role in any way ?

Please know I am not guilting you with this or any of your choices or saying you will abdicate your role and responsibilites to Corynn should you have more children. I wish we are sitting face to face when I tell you this so you can see my expression. I have put a lot of thought into this based on some life experiences. I want to be the one to be mom to my children, in every way. And it is my firm opinion that in a situation where there is a much older female sibling who takes care of a younger one, the lines between mom and sister are blurred especially if they share a bed.

I admire you for who you are of which your choices which are contrary to the world are a big part of it. I am not brave enough to make your choices based on my past. But I just wanted you to give you another perspective. I really hope you do not take this as malicious or be hurt in any way by what I say.

Teresa said...

It is a normal practice ( out of necessity in other countries) for children to share a bed. I was just discussing this with a friend who is living Mexico.#2 our hs is usually done by 12, except for the older child(14)#3 I have an 8(almost 9) who has tried to penpal others and they never write back. She would LOVE it!!#4yep started to think and plan for Christmas. Homemade blank cards, canned goods, baked goods, we are going easy this year:)

Lindsey's Photographs said...

Our girls shared a full size bed for awhile. while we built the house. Then they had a really hard time not being together. They share a room now but have their own beds. But I was never objected to the idea.
We have 3 full time homeschoolers. My goal is always to start in the morning so they can have a break after lunch. Of course this doesnt always work and someone is usually finishing up till dinner.
I have a 9yr old boy, 7 and 5 yr old girls. my girls would adore having a pen pal. My son would too. We keep talking about trying to find one for them but havent. My girly is famous for sending "treasures" to her cousins lol.
I do handmade Christmas too :) Lots of items in my shop all the cousins end up recieving at Christmas. Im thinking, owl stuffys, hooded scarves, we usually have Jam, undies for the little ones (aparently the handmade ones are all the rage, who knew!?lol ) And maybe a new dress, Bonnets were HUGE this year for birthdays.
Im excited to hear what movies you ladies suggest!

Shanzanne said...

Bed sharing amongst siblings (or the whole family) is done all over the world... its us modern westerners who think its strange. Go for it!

We finish school by 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon (usually). I like to give my daughter a good rest time ala Well Trained mind, and then let her play outside the rest of the afternoon.

My daughter (Adi) would LOVE a pen pal (she is 6). I would like to incorporate that into school this year. We live in Oregon, so it might be fun to have a pen pal from the west coast. Please email me to exchange addresses.

Rebecca said...

Catie~ I planned to use it for washing my face (it is great for skin)and maybe for cooking. Here are some other uses:


Mainly, it is the resulting marriage of really loving to make homemade things from extraordinarily overpriced items at stores and squeaking every possible use out of every possible thing. :-)

Anonymous on 'vanilla'~ I have vanilla batches made already for a select few! Great minds!

Anonymous on 'contrary view'~ thank you for your opinion. I asked for them! You neither offended me or wrote maliciously. Your point is a valid one and one I will consider. Truly, I was opposed to it for a number of years because it seemed as though children (especially of large families) ought to have SOME place that is only their own. But then, as I began to discover, many children actually ENJOYED sleeping with one another. With the added perk that in winter they can be warmer (our wood heat doesn't make it to the upstairs all that well.) I am a fence-sitter, plain and simple and will benefit from all the pro's and cons. So THANK YOU! I appreciate your thoughts.

Amy~ planning on posting all about my homemade endeavors, so don't you worry. And maybe (unlikely, but MAYBE) I will be on the ball enough to post them in plenty of time FOR others to copy! ;-)

Miranda said...

#1. My girls do not share a bed but I think it is totally doable! If (fingers crossed...) we have more children I think when they are little I would have them share a bed. Truthfully, when these guys were younger I never realized people do that.

#2. We started back to shool last week. I am trying to be done by late afternoon. Say 2ish. I have a 13yr old with special needs, 11 yr old and two 9 year olds. School has been ending a little later than I would like so I am going to try to push our routine back alittle. Which would mean we wake up sooner and start sooner. We will see.

#3. My Morgan just turned 9 and she would love a penpal! It looks like you already have that covered but if that doesn't work out you can email me. blessingswith4@aol.com

#4. Well I stole you idea of homemade vanilla! I am excited to give that out at Christmas. :o) I'm not much of a crafty person and can't sew to save my life. I'm trying to learn but its just not one of those things that are just clicking!

Every year, I make up a basket for family. This year I am thinking...banana bread, apple bread, hot pepper mustard, apple butter, salsa and blackberry jam.

#5. No movie suggestions. Although I am looking forward to reading others suggestions!

#6. Umm...I have never heard this before! Should I be embarrassed?? I did google it though, just so I would't be out of the loop. Hehe...

Lana said...

i do know what joie de vivre (sp?) means and i think it's a good name, but it is very very hard to spell (and i am a fairly good speller!), so if people try to look you up online, they're gonna have a tough time - plus it's a common phrase. consider that when picking the name. if searchability doesn't matter to you at all, then go for it :D

...they call me mommy... said...

Lana made a good point about your name???

LOL! It cracked me up that you wrote a different one. I can SO relate. ;)

Donna said...

about the bed sharing. I have 3 boys and 2 girls. They are ages 41to 28 now. So it has been a long time since they were sleeping at home.

The boys did not sleep together in the same bed. Bunk Beds. Too much rough housing when in the same bed. Many nights they slept in sleeping bags on the floor. Their own idea.

But, I thought you might like to know that my 2 girls were born 15 months appart and started sharing a bed (old iron double bed-family heirloom)as soon as Ashley was out of her crib. They slept together all through until Amanda was 22 and Ashley was 20.

Ashley got married before Amanda and the morning of Ashley's wedding Amanda suddenly realized that she had lost her constant sleeping buddy. She said It just hit her that tonight Ashley would be sleeping with Zach and not her.

They had formed such a bond wispering their secrets and sharing their prayers and delighting in victories together before they went to sleep.
They are so close, even as adults. Almost like twins.
I think it is because they shared a bed for so many years.

It is sweet to have a sister that close to you.

I enjoy reading your blog and follow regularly.

Belinda said...

my boys don't share beds but have continuous sleepovers with sleeping bags. I don't see a problem with it.

How about the name La Dolce Vita.... The sweet life :)

marriedtothefarm said...

The only one I feel qualified to contribute on is the question about Christmas gifts. I do a lot of the rice bags. Flannel for the boys, flowery prints for the girls, and little ones for the kids. I did a tutorial on the little ones for hand warmers. Although I'm sure you know how to do it I'll share in case anyone else wants it (http://marriedtothefarm.wordpress.com/2010/12/28/mini-rice-bags/).
What about sharing some of your good homegrown food? We give frozen whole chickens sometimes or a bag of venison meat sticks. In recent years my Dad's side has reached the point of not wanting much and most of us are low on $$$ so my cousin and I get together and bake cookies. We do it before the holiday madness and freeze them, then package later in cute tins or baskets. We have a lot of fun doing it and the family looks forward to our goodies now.

Ulli said...

I had no idea that this is how to make rosewater. I always wondered. You're so clever!

I'm just adding my thoughts here. My boys are grown, and I only have two, but I always thought kids need a place to call their own, so mine had their own rooms. But, I would not have had a problem doubling them up out of necessity if I had to, although I still would have kept separate beds. But you should do what's right for your family. How about teaching Corynn how to wash her own sheets and set up a schedule for it? She might like a little adult responsibility. (not that she doesn't help now...)

I love homemade Christmases and will look forward to yours again this year. I think of Christmas all year round and plan my gifts and gift making.

What kind of business are you choosing a name for? Will you be selling the beautiful things you make?

Victorianlady8 said...

We have had several sharing beds...eight children and two bedrooms seem to make that sort of thing happen. We also have children that are grown and have shared a bed together...so I have experience from the other side as well. I have found that the children that shared a bed, tended to squabble more, but are closer friends now as they are grown up! So if that is worth the fuss to you...which I think it is :) NOW! :P....And french words are not my cup of tea for a name of a business, only because it is a very limited few that will understand what that means. Pen pals are a great way to make friends that keep...our elder daughter has a kept a friendship for many years, and our younger daughter is still in the midst of this friendship...and helps with spelling, grammar, penmanship, etc.
School tends to be mornings for some...(older) afternoon for middle and young (phonics with me after chores are done) and then some evening school as far as reading aloud and doing history with father! Schooling is a way of life for us, and we say the less in workbooks the better! School that is a part of life, is school that is retained...and we would rather have our children with heads filled with real life living than filled with workbooks full of mush! So a lot of doing chores, running a farm, doing a home business, caring for all their animals...and then most importantly, reading....in all aspects. Reading the Bible, reading exciting old time books, and reading easy fun books too!

Anonymous said...

dear rebecca,

if you've never visited the xanga blog "resolved2worship," I can't highly enough recommend it. a rare gem, as the beauty within and hearts for God surpass the extraordinary beauty without...

one of the site's videos is a tour of the room shared by three--soon to be four--girls, and the bed is contentedly shared, as they are in the boys' room, as well:



b in va

bonnie said...

yes, I know what "joie de vivre" means and think most folks do, too -- what an awesome name idea!

Father's Grace Ministries said...

#1 An friend of ours, who grew up sharing a bed with her siblings described it as "lots of fun, very warm in winter, but awful if someone wet the bed".
#2 We generally start homeschool at about 9.30 am and try to finish in the early afternoon, but in the reality of life with 2 1/2 yr old twins, we sometimes need unschedualed breaks, and then carry on later, until the girls get too tired.(it's the season of life we're in.)
#3 Would you consider our second child, Zara as a pen pal for Corryn? She is 8 in January, one of our 4 children, loves working with Daddy in the garden, and playing with her little brothers. We live in Queensland, Australia. Our email is info@abbagrace.com
Movies: How about "Little House on the Prairie" on DVD or the "Love Come Softly" DVD series.

Your business name sounds great to me- keep us informed with what you are up to!

Marlene Bibby said...

Soul Surfer is a GREAT movie. It is based on fact. Not a little house movie, but a great one. Red Box for $1.

As far as sharing bed, I never did except with friends (being an only girl). But that said, all my 4 brother did. They had 2 double beds. I say go for it. I know lots that do, but expect talking. It is good though.

Can't help you at this point with the other items, unless they want an 'old' lady pen pal.

alltheposts said...

#1 I shared a full size bed with my sister and pushed next to that was a twin size bed for my other sister. We shared a room until I was in the 9th grade. (I'm the oldest) I didn't mind it and my 3 girls all sleep in a bunk bed together. Twin on top and full on bottom. They take turns sleeping in different positions and don't seem to mind sharing a bed at all. I feel like the bed and room sharing made me extremely close with my sisters. Many nights we had nighttime discussions that we wouldn't have had during the busy day.

#2 I just school my daughters in the morning. We are done by lunch and the afternoons are for reading and writing.

#3 I have an 8 year old girl and a 5 year old girl who would love a pen pal. You have many other offers though!!

#4 I made the soft dollhouse with a handle for two of my girls last year and they love them! I found the pattern online for free! I also made the blackapple dolls from the free pattern for them 2 years ago.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

It would have been bad news for my sister and I to have shared a bed. We had difficulty just sharing a room for many years. FYI: While we fought growing up, we were also close. As adults, we are very close.

I'd say that it definitely depends on the kids and their personalities whether it would be a good or bad thing. Plus, what is fine now may not be in a few years.

I'd say keep the lines of communication open and just listen to what they say. Be prepared to change things if needed.

Emma said...

My children all have separate beds because putting your children in a bed together is just not the done thing in the UK. Ideally me 8 year old daughter and my 6 year old son would love to share a room, but even that seems to be frowned on here so the 6 year old shares with the 4 year old (also a boy). I have never even thought about bed sharing, but I do love the idea of the children all sharing a room, but alas our house is too small :(

My daughter would be a very willing penpal. I think it would help encourage her spelling which would be fabulous. Our e-mail is emma mundaycm@aol.com

I like the name of your business and over here both phrases are commonly used... I don't if that's because of our proximity to the French? Good luck with your business, you are such a delightful family I am sure you will be blessed in your endevours.

Anonymous said...

Many of thethings i do not have opinions on... sorry

gifts however...
Making re-usable napkins i have used scraps of fabric i got from a store in town(well city) and made some for my mom, they were great.
Also i made a card bag (for a friend moving away) stuffed with a variety of blank cards i have laying around with a pull string on top and a heart pocket on front which i placed stamps
: )
love reading all the input, wisdom of many.

on bed sharing, i always think of the scene with the two older girls in pride and prejudice (the more recent one not he 6hr one) and they are discussing the dance under the sheets, so fun! that was also my movie recommendation! I only have one kid so far but we plan on at least room sharing!

much love

Lana said...

oh, movie - have you seen 'seven brides for seven brothers'? a great musical :)

abigail said...

Holy cow. I just spent three days reading all those comments (or ten minutes, whichever sounds right). Now I'll make you spend three days reading my single comment.

*I use rosewater for shakes and exotic muffins and rice puddings, and though I haven't done this yet, I WILL make Turkish Delight. (One consideration if using the rosewater for ingestion is whether or not the roses were chemically treated.) If you beat me to Turkish Delight, let me know how it turns out!

* In lieu of my *news* that you guessed so handily, I was talking to the girls about this very thing yesterday, only in our case it will be two girls on a twin mattress, which I think will be fine until they grow long and spindly. :) I'll probably move Lu onto a mattress in their room sometime soon. Definitely doable, as is your idea. I say, go for it! If it doesn't end up working well, you've lost nothing.

*I'm really tempted to get a few movie suggestions for you from John, only because I know he'll be annoying and cheeky. (Maybe I'll save you the frustration, though...)

*Homeschooling: We went until nearly suppertime most days last year. How did we not go insane?!

*Gifts: I made Dudette a ruffled pillow with all the girls' silhouettes and some hand-embroidery on it last year. I'll post a picture sometime. This year some of my plans include bath teas (herb mixtures in teabags for use in the tub), salt and sugar scrubs, matching dishtowel/ appliqued potholder sets, hand-stitched felt ornaments, hand-embroidered bookmarks, bonnets and berets, appliqued placemats, embroidered or appliqued table runner, homemade soaps...and so on. Just don't ask me how many I actually finished come January! Last year, I stole your idea of an appliqued bathmat and made one for my sister-in-law, so I'll be on the lookout for your list (hint).

*Lastly, it won't be much longer until YOUR business flourishes!

Jody said...

My daughter, Hannah, is 15 years old and would love to have/be a penpal. I'll email you her email address so if anyone else sends you their older daughters name, you will have hers! Thanks, Rebecca! :)

Mar said...

I have 5 sisters and we came in two shifts - 6 years between #3 and #4. I'm #5 and shared a room/bed with #4 and #6 until the first 3 grew up and moved out. We did okay with it since we were little but I got my own room/bed when I was 12 and it was heaven to finally be alone. I think it's fine for your girls while they are young, but they might want more space when they are older.

No homeschooling or penpals in our house but I do know what joie de vivre means. I agree that not everyone else will be able to spell it when searching for it online, though.

For homemade Christmas, try making your own paper and giving note cards. Just do a search for handmade paper; there are a LOT of websites that have directions. You can also make coasters for use under glasses in your favorite quilt pattern using your scraps; same for potholders. We have made several 8 x 10 photo collages by uploading photos to Walgreens.com, selecting the collage size, hitting shuffle or rearrange (don't remember which) if we don't like the order of the pictures, and then printing them and picking them up in the store (if one is convenient). There are normally $3.99 but are sometimes free (as they are this week). The kids LOVE getting them since they can put them on their walls and remember their vacation, school days, sports team, whatever "theme" you choose.

Finally, as much as we make fun of her, there are a ton of ideas on MarthaStewart.com I've already found 3 that I hope to make.

Charissa said...

I didn't read everyone's comments (sorry!!) but I skimmed through your blog and love. Btw, my all time favorite movie is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. THAT woman knew how to wear an apron with great dignity. :D Anyway, I'm making gifts for Christmas this year from reusable zip lock cloth bags to natural teas and bath/face products. I'll have to find recipes and patters if you're interested in something along those lines -let me know. Glad I found your site (via Femina hee hee) Take care!!