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Friday, August 05, 2011

Foto Friday

We just got back from a week long church retreat at a lake/campground hence the silence here on ye olde blog. Needless to say, I didn't take any FRUIT pictures (which was last weeks' challenge).

Instead, here is one from the week. I will post the others sometime soon; there are surprisingly few. After the last few weeks of required photographing, I am still fighting some residual anti-camera feelings. :-)

Link up your favorite photo of the week or your version of the photo challenge!

As for last week, there were some BEAUTIFUL contributions! It was terribly difficult to pick just two. Here they are:

Winner #1: Ruth Hicks

Ruth doesn't appear to have a blog, so I couldn't leave a comment telling her how amazing her shots were. But they are. And I don't just think so, I even had other readers tell me so! :-) Thank you for sharing, Ruth!

Winner #2: Kate from Shirley Goodness and Mayhem

I really love the shape of the sun in this shot~ rarely do you see the sun in such an amazing circle. And look at that orange!

Both winning pictures come from first time contributors so that is really neat! Keep them coming, everyone!

Next weeks' optional challenge is.............AnImAL


Ruth said...


I do have a blog I just must not know how to enter my pictures in correctly. My blog url is ruthelizabethicks.blogspot.com.
Thanks for letting me enter my pictures in the contest!

Christine Williams said...

Wow gorgeous sunsets!!! Wonderful job by Ruth!!!

Full of Grace said...

Beautiful picture Rebecca, far better than fruit :) Hope you had a nice respite :)

abigail said...

That is a gorgeous picture!

I recently read a poem by Wendell Berry that I intend to post on shotsnaps; it will vindicate you and I both for not taking many pictures and expresses, to some extent, my conflicted feelings toward chronicling one's own family and daily events through photography. Ha. This is especially funny coming from one whose blog is titled "shotsnaps."

Fully aware,

abigail said...


I'd plump your quotebox with it post haste, were it not for the missing quotebox. :)