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Friday, August 19, 2011

Foto Friday Favorites

Well now! I have posted something EVERY DAY this week! I deserve some kind of award or something!!!!

Didn't get to any silhouettes this week~ too busy with the two c's of summer. Canning and Cleaning.

SO you instead get my favorites for the week. Oh my, I bust a gut every time I look at these pictures. It was the funniest afternoon.

I have this awful, hideous, old and dilapidated playpen on our patio for our Judahbear. It is positively the ONLY.WAY. I can garden. I tried having him down there with me and he nearly choked to death a handful of times before I gave up.

It isn't like the small, measly portapacks nowadays. There is room to stretch out in these. Or to play with Adele' when she inevitably climbs in. Truth is, Judah loves being in it, as long as he can watch people and be outside. And I *LOVE* it too, for the ease of mind it gives me, despite its hideousness.

So one afternoon, I am canning squash and look out and he is making the funniest face at me.

And I start laughing! Say something silly. Then get back to work.

A few minutes later, I glance out again:

ha! Too funny!

Back to work.


and again:

And I just about die laughing.

Because, as if the crazy faces weren't enough, in between each funny face, he stands up, throws his head back

and gives a deep belly rumble laugh.

What a game he had made!

How I love this boy.

Anyone else for sharing a favorite photo for the week? Come on....I know you want to.................

Remember to link directly to your Foto Friday POST! And try and share the comment love, ya'll.

My favorites from last week:

Winner #1: Terri at Hearts in Service

I can not even fathom getting this close to a deer. Or getting a shot this focused of a deer. I have tried. It doesn't work. (For me.) Totally impressed.

Winner #2: Lindsey at Lindsey Richmond Photography

What a great perspective this is shot from! And so crisp, lovely colors. Great job. Plus, I want ducks. ;-)

Next week's optional theme is....... SUN FLARE. You can do it, or you can not. No matter. But do come back and share your favorite photo for the week!


Anonymous said...

This made me giggle!!!
thank you :)
<3 Bobbi

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the pictures of Judah. Sooo adorable.

Our Peculiar Lives said...

lol, absolutely hilarious!

abigail said...

I have never seen Judah look so fine. These pictures are priceless!

And YOU are the stinker. I replied back on my blog already-- but for crying out loud!-- how did you know?!

Was my belly noticeably straining against the confines of my belt on Sunday? ('Cause, you know, it was. I attributed it to the aforementioned truckloads of candy, and I hoped no one would notice.)

Well done, Miss Clairvoyance.

Terri said...

Love those pictures! I actually burst out laughing at some of them.

Bill & Stacy said...

What a cutie pie!!! He has so many teeth! Wow! You get some extra "fun Mom" points for these pictures!