What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Little moments that struck me; moments that would probably not strike another soul for any reason but made me pause in wonder.

I see GOD in the glasses drying, perfumed in mint and in the sunspots dancing around reading babies and in fog laying low and in feisty girl eyes that glimmer round pointy orange fingers.

"If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me.
I will be FOUND by you," says the Lord.
Jeremiah 29:13-14


Leah said...

(Love the one of Judah. My, such an advanced child, from such an advanced homeschooling mom! :P :D)

Cathy said...

Thank you, this reminds me of 'Be still and know that I am the Lord'. Love the glasses drying and the books. My homeschooled kids spent many an hour with stacks of books just like that. In our neck of the woods right now, we are enjoying pink flowering plum trees and yellow forsythia bushes. All of the earth sings His praise.

Louise said...

My mom beat me to commenting! I am one of hers that remembers spending hours with stacks of library books like that! I love all your pictures. You have captured each moment wonderfully.

Bonnie said...

Love that one of Andrew and the chickens. That would be Brady, (if we can ever talk the other grownup into keeping his we'll get chickens word) the boy eats breathes and sleeps chickens.
ALL gorgeous pictures Rebecca!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

love all of those moments and the recognition that He put them there for only YOU! so great!! thanks for linking up :)

Unknown said...

How beautiful!!! Love the Scripture for Jeremiah!

Unknown said...


Debbie said...

Simple, beautiful, wonderful!

Riahli said...


I was reading another website and I thought of you...http://www.keeperofthehome.org/about She has an amazing blog with lots of great info. My son and I are going to start the GAPS diet soon so I was looking at all her info because they are on the GAPS diet as well. Don't know if that link will works but anyways thought I'd share. :)

Alyssa Spring Corley said...

Love the table mounded with books....

Kim @ Homestead Acres said...

Oh I just loved your photos. Your little one sitting with the stack of books is priceless!

A Happy Wife said...

This comment is unrelated to this post, but I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to find the eggnog recipe you posted. Could you somehow direct me to the page?

Thanks so much,
Kris Zerby

Rebecca said...

Hi Rebecca, Another off topic question... Do you have any ideas for easter egg coloring other than the boring Paas kits? I too have chickens and have to deal with blue and brown eggs. Thank you!
becca in sant rosa ca

Rebecca said...

Riahli~ thank you for the link! I will check her out! The name sounds vaguely familiar though!

Kris~ I usually make eggnog in blender batches (so everyone can enjoy them) and I make them very fast-no cooking. We use our own eggs and only the freshest, so I don't worry in the slightest about giving raw eggs to my children. If you are looking for a cooked recipe, it is best to google it.

For raw eggnog, I use 8 eggs, 1/8 to 1/4 cup sugar or honey, 1- 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla, a sprinkling of nutmeg, a few icecubes to make it extra cold and fill the blender up with milk (to two inches on top.) Of course, I don't actually measure anything. I just plop them all in. If you do it and it is too watery, add a bit more milk, not sweet enough add more sugar. That sort of thing. Hope this helps!

Rebecca~ here is one link for you:


On the bottom are several links to different ideas.

And if that doesn't suit you-check out these:


I can't guarantee you won't spend far too much time at that one though! ;-)