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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Proper Edjercatin' takes time (and does not include pumpkins)

Well, as you can see, now that the school year is in full swing again, I am having a hard time keeping up the blog! Having two children needing to be properly and formally edjercated has thrown me for a bit of a loop.  The only way to accomplish everything in a day (and sometimes, not even then) was to give up my precious few hours in the middle of the day of quiet time.  I used to use this time for blogging and other "me time" things and now it is most often filled up with history and science.   Giving it up has been a sad, sad change for me.  I really *LIKED* that mid-afternoon break.  But it does work well for school~ we can accomplish our agenda for the day and it provides a quiet atmosphere (the littles still rest) for the topics that require more thought and discussion, like History and Science and for activities like castle building and the like.

That means, though, that you will have to be patient with me.  And I will have to be patient with myself.  And I will have to be patient with the children who require more of my time than every before.  Blech.  Patience has always been such a hard thing for me, too.  ;-)

I'll blog whenever I can eek out a few minutes in the day.  EEEeeeeeeeeekkk.

Here are a few photos from our yearly trip to the pumpkin farm.    It must be done- it's TRADITION!


This, by the way, is not a grumpy look- though it looks that way.  She was actually delighted and enraptured by the pigs and this is her "Why dost thou bother me with photographs whenst I gaze upon these lovely swine" look.  The tear?  I think because it was cold.  Or, she was moved to tears with love.  ;-)

It was this moment that I thought what a beauty she is and how...grown up she looks to be mine.

And for Rebecca, an answer to your question in the comments box about the fritters- Why YES.  I *DID* make them.  And they were goooood.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Random observations.

1. Corynn is indeed a beauty, so are your other kids. Well handsome in the case of the boys. But they do have nice looking parents :)
2. Nice to see a picture of you with the children. I always wonder if you take pictures of yourself with them. You must, you know.
3. Nice people post recipes with their pictures. I think you are very nice, so recipe please ?


Riahli said...

I've had to give up my mid day break this year as well! Sadness! I have a first grader this year and 2 kindergarteners {at completely different levels, one is practically at the first grade level, the other needs a lot of one on one time, and it's a very slow process, shesh...} and then I have two that requires some preschool activities as well. Ack! The reality of home schooling hit me pretty hard this year. It's a love/hate thing for me right now, but I hope to get to a more loving place in my mind. :) I haven't blogged in at least a month! Beautiful pictures, beautiful kids, and wow have they grown since last I checked!!!

Renata said...

I know when I first realised that home schooling took all day ~ it was when I started with my second student as well :) Now I have four students & I cannot even imagine a long rest in the middle of the day ( sigh ~ I need that rest even if they don't ;) I just want you to know that I've been enjoying reading some of your past posts ~ your photography is beautiful & I love your writing style!
Hope you have a wonderful day

Tracy said...

The pumpkin patch looks like a very fun outing. Had to ask since I know your time is limited, and I'm assuming blog reading is, too. Since you recently shared that you love Posie, too, have you seen this?


Rebecca said...

Yep, I would eat them too! Good for you!

Bonnie said...

I can hardly believe that when I first "met" you, I don't think Andrew was even 1 yet, and now look at your beautiful babies! (and their beautiful mama!) Our J B's share another trait; You can tell who's family they belong in, but they have a look all their own.
Loved all the pictures, and I'm ready to lick the screen trying to taste those fritters. Apple fritters are one of my favorites : 9

Bonnie said...

Oh Tracy, thankyou for posting that link! I cried my eyes out for them when the other adoption fell through, and having not checked her blog for quite sometime, would have missed this one! Cry my eyes out again now : )

Rebecca said...

Mary~ the fritter recipe isn't my own but I can tell you where I found it!

Here: http://hickeryhollerfarm.blogspot.com/2012/10/apple-fritters.html

See? I am nice! ;-)

Riahli~ I totally feel your pain. At least we feel it together, eh?

Renata~ thank you! Don't read too far back though- I know my pictures were terrible back in the day and my soapboxes were a bit more....boxy than now. :-)

Tracy~ yes- I saw that. Posie is my absolute FAVORITE blog and I DO NOT miss her posts-period. I will tell you though, I was SHOCKED when she revealed it! She gave NO clue at all that anything was even on the table, which is understandable given the torment of her last attempt at adoption. (Which, incidentally, I cried buckets over too Bonnie!) She is a beauty and I am so happy for them. I look forward to reading her blog even more now, which I never thought possible. :-)

Bonnie~ I think that too at times. How much I have changed as a person and how much my family has changed since first starting this blog. It's a wonderful life. (And no wonder I think of you as such a close friend-you've been a part of my life for a hearty chunk of years!)

Terri said...

Even in a household where children are grown the autumn seems to be a busier time of year. I don't do half that you do and I stay busy most all day long.

The quilts are so beautiful. I can't afford them, but I do hope someone can and will buy them. We have a Mennonite community in the next county and they too sell their quilts at auction and in a local shop of their own. So gorgeous!

Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Sadly, a mid-afternoon break is a thing of the past for our home with 3 from grade 7 to 11. But we're getting into the nitty-gritty of things and growing by leaps and bounds. My first will graduate next school year which seems kind of surreal...

Leah said...

I'm amazed you can blog as often and as BEAUTIFULLY as you do Rebecca.

I was so sad we missed our annual family pumpkin farm visit this year... for the third year in a row!!! I have some of my favorite family photos from those trips over the years.

Are those some homemade crocheted items I spy in this post? I love the green shawl on Adele.

Rebecca said...

Terri~ lucky duck!

Regina~ that IS surreal! WOw. I have know you a long time! What an amazing milestone to finally reach!

Leah~ yep. I can't help but especially like this post because I see all my yarn-clad children in it. The green shawl, though, was not one of them. When my sister moved into her house she gave me garbage bags full of yarn (she doesn't knit or crochet and the lady who owned the house had an entire room full of yarn! And in the bags was that triangle of crocheted fabric. I assume it was intended for a blanket and was then cast off- but it was the perfect size for a child shawl! Cha-ching!)