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Monday, October 22, 2012

Quilty As Charged

Remember when I told you about the GORGEOUS, know-your-socks-off quilt that was being auctioned off at the Amish auction down the road from me? You remember...the one that I had to leave with bushels of apples instead of bits of fabric expertly made into art? Yes, that one.


Here it is, in all its glory:  

(I TOLD you it was amazing!)

At that auction, the quilts were BARELY being bid on (I think most of the people at that auction were, like I was, in the market for produce.) and I felt awful because I knew how much work went into those lovely, amazing quilts and how awful it would be if nobody would buy them!  When it got to the cathedral window quilt especially, my mind kept going back to the row of Amish women sitting at the back of the barn, and what they must have been thinking when their immaculate workmanship was not being appreciated and it got me so worked up, I actually started to cry.  I had to GET UP and leave, it was that bad.  I wanted that quilt sooooooooooooooo bad and I wanted those ladies to know how wonderful it was and those five minutes of bidding were TORTURE, pure and simple.

Fast forward a few days and I decided, with the Masts' permission, I would put the quilts on the internet to (hopefully) broaden their interest base to include more than just apple shoppers or the people that pass their front yards.   And Sam gave it to me.  The permission, that is, not the quilt.  :-)

So I went and took pictures of my the cathedral quilt one day in his barn on his handy-dandy quilt displaying contraption, along with three other quilts that did not sell at the auction for the price that he needed for them and I have started an Amish Etsy shoppe on their behalf.

All the quilts are Amish made and have perfect, teeny hand-stitches and hand-quilting.  NO machine stitching anywhere.  If you happen to have an affinity for quilts, or Amish, or both...you simply MUST go check these quilts out.  You know the source, so you know you are not going to get an "Amish Made" quilt that isn't AMISH. 

If they sell well, maybe they will give me some more to stock the shop.  We shall see.

Here is the AmishQuilts shop on Etsy. 

Even if you aren't in the market- you really must look.  It is eye candy. 

And it is nearly Halloween-the SEASON for candy.
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