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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy and Westinghouse


Meet Westinghouse, a mighty cute squirrel with a busy, bushy tail for a mighty cuter squirrel.  This was my first ever crocheted stuffed animal. I stuffed the be-jeebers out of him and his tail is so bushy he can't stand up by himself (poor lad), but I like him and the children do too.

I don't know if I have it in me or not, but I am TOYING with the idea of crocheting a Texas Longhorn for Andrew for Christmas.  He is kinda obsessed with them and I haven't found any stuffed ones that are nice (and relatively inexpensive). But I am currently working on three other projects and they are, as usual, coming along s-l-o-w-l-y. 

Hurricane Sandy is drawing near and we should be feeling the affects of it early this afternoon and until Tuesday night.  PA and NY has been put in states of emergency and we have been amply warned that there will be extended power outages and likely, many road closings and property damage-especially on hilltops  (That'd be US.). 

I was a bit freaked out about it because Matt was/is on the road-traveling...until he called a bit ago and said he should be arriving home before the worst of it begins and staying home until it is over.  I was worried to tears about his safety on the roads.   I can deal with pretty much anything, as long as Matt is okay.

I have drawn off as much drinking water as I can store right now (mental note: get a few large drink storage containers one of these days!), have plenty of wash water stored and rain barrels set to capture more, got 24 lovely rolls of toilet paper (you know how much I love THAT!) at my disposal, took a shower this morning, bought quite a few more canning lids if a few candle-lit canning days are in my future, consolidated as much of the most valuable freezer things in ONE freezer, not to be opened unless for emergency canning, and have oil lamps refilled and at the ready. 

And now we wait.

I might be having a bit more time to crochet in the next few days...


Anonymous said...

This post made me glad that your husband worked so hard on the foundation of your house. Be safe!

...they call me mommy... said...

Your post title made me think of a law firm name! :P

Such a lovely squirrel!! I adore crocheted animals & toys...have you seen the delightful little tea sets INCLUDING tea bags out on the web? You did such a good job and I think a longhorn is a great idea for your Andrew! :)

We prayed this morning about the storm and will continue too...adding you to our specific prayer list! So glad that Matt will be home with you!

Mrs. Bowen said...

Praying you and your family stays safe!

Rosemary said...

Loved the little squirrel, and his bushy tail. I am praying for you and your dear ones. My family in Philadelphia and New Jersey are also riding out the storm. Here in Toronto, we are only exoecting lots of rain and some wind, nothing like those in the storm's direct path.

Jerelene said...

Keeping you and your sweet family in my prayers...Stay safe...can't wait to hear from you after the storm. Glad your hubby got that foundation done..:) Blessings, Jerelene

Miranda said...

So glad your husband will make it home in time! I hate stuff like that with out my husband too. We are in Ohio and are getting rain and its awfully windy out there right now.

Praying for safety for you and your family. :)

Bonnie said...

Sorry I am late jumping in- we had a prelude to Thanksgiving/make some room in the freezer by thawing the turkey dinner, so I have spent the entire day schooling and cooking.

Darling, adorable Westinghouse arrived safe and sound and has been loved by all, including the giftee : )
I am trying to get a picture of my little pork chop with him, and in his dandy little sweater suit, but darn it if he doesn't spit-up and/or blow out a diaper every.single.time.he.wears.it. Ugh. It's my favorite and one of the few things that fits him well.

Hope Sandy isn't too messy of a guest, you know where we're at, we have just wind and rain, and neither of them too bad, though (almost laughably) the schools around here are closed due to the hurricane.
Never thought I'd type those words as a midwesterner...

Anyway, thank-you again, and a proper paper thank-you will be making it's way to your mailbox soon! (I hope. The last time I sat down to write you a thank-you, everyone (but me and Z.) got the stomach flu)


Leah T. said...

I'm so glad Matt was able to come home. Praying for your safety! Hope to hear an update from you soon. We had some very high winds and some damage to the heifer barn roof but the power has stayed on!

The squirrel is adorable! And you'll be glad you stuffed him so much once the Poly-fil starts to compress. I started knitting a longhorn for one of my boys several years ago and never finished it. I should pull it out and get it done!

Rebecca said...

Thanks everyone, for your well-wishes. Seems God was very easy on us...despite waking up every 30 minutes or so with the roaring wind and shaking windows, we have suffered no damage and not even a POWER outtage! So very thankful for that!

Leah T~ No kiDDING! That is awesome! Did you come up with the pattern yourself? So cool! Glad that all is well over there and hope that the damage to the heifer barn is MINIMAL.

Out for an Adventure said...

I am praying for the safety of your family and husband.
So happy for you that your foundation was fixed. Props to your husband and family that helped him! WOW!

But prayers are being sent your way!


Laura Flores

Jerelene said...

So glad to hear that you are all OK and no damage!! Yay :-) Thanks for letting us know!

Leah T. said...

I'm so glad you didn't suffer any damage or a power outage! The damage to the barn roof was minimal, thankfully.

The pattern is from a book I bought, http://preview.tinyurl.com/dxehkol . I've made a few of the other patterns as well. Esther wants this pig for her birthday, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/oink-2 . I tried to convince her that we could leave the wings off but she wants it to be made just like the picture. Haha, a flying pig.

Leah said...

I am so glad to hear your family and home are unharmed. God bless you Rebecca. :)

Full of Grace said...

Super Cute!! :) So thankful it wasn't as bad as what they predicted!

aeolian said...

That is ADORABLE!!! I love it! Where did you get the pattern? Or did you just make it without one? If so...can I humbly ask for the pattern? I would pay for that... :)

Renata said...

Hi Rebecca
I hope you guys are going alright ~ glad Matt could come home. Praying your are safe & sound.
I love your squirrel ~ I am in awe as the only thing I've ever crocheted is a blanket ~ & that isn't completed yet :) I look forward to seeing what you create for your Christmas presents ( how I wish I had your artisticness ~ is that a word??)
Take care