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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jason and Jennifer: Wedding Sneak Peek

I had the privilege of taking pictures at the wedding of a friend. 

She was a beauty, her colors were gorgeous, the church was amazing, the weather was unbelievable.  What a glorious day it was.

A few Getting Ready shots:

The guys were hilarious to photograph.  Each one outdid the other with funny antics.  It was hard to keep the camera still with all my laughing.

the ceremony:

Some details:


And my most favorite shot of the day: 



Full of Grace said...

The colors are gorgeous, the church is beautiful and the happy couple look so in love and so joyful! You did a WONDERFUL job capturing their special day for them!!! :) I would be tickled with beautiful photos as these :)

Renata said...

These are lovely shots Rebecca!! You are so talented! I love the red she chose and it looks perfect in front of the doors! The picture of her and her parents (close up one) is my absolute favourite. Also the one of her Mum where you perfectly captured her emotions! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful day!

Abigail said...

I love these! What a relief it was to know that you were snapping away. I knew you'd capture gems for her!

I love them all, but that top one and the one of Mary are my favorites. It captures her heart, and what a beautiful heart it is...

Anonymous said...

SO lovely! Please, PLEASE remind me how you started learning how to take such amazing photos. I have the urge to splurge and pay big bucks for some sort of course (I'm feeling desperate!) But then I read your financial restraint post. So now I'm determined to learn for free! Trying to scour your archives and see when the change to amazing photo's happened;-) I know I have asked you before, but I can't find where you answered! Also, do you edit your photos? How are they so clear and crisp??

Rebecca said...

Thank you everyone!

Sandy- I think, if you go through archives, that you will find that the change has been gradual. I think I am where I am today (a place not nearly where I want to be but better than I was) simply by doing it. Over. and Over. and Over. Of course, when I bought my canon, that was the most money I had ever spent on myself ever (before OR since) so that upped the ante on making the purchase worthwhile. Then I had a real drive to do a good job because I had such a fancy camera.

YES~ you CAN learn to take pictures without spending any money. Borrow photography books from the library. Google it. Read your camera manual. There are even photography forums on the internet. Look at pictures that stop you in your tracks and then think about WHY they do that...then try and replicate them. But most of all- keep taking pictures. Lots of them. As you do, you will take amazing shots and you will realize what works and you will also take some major duds and you will learn what DOESN'T work.

The pictures that I take are clear and crisp because I don't share the blurry ones! :-) It is very important to hold the camera perfectly still as you take a picture so that it does not blur. Having a fast shutter speed of course, helps too.

I don't make anything MORE crisp or sharp in editing- but I do, at times adjust the darkness/lightness to make colors appear more rich or whites to be more bright. I use the free program called Picasa for all my photos. (FREE- see? You can do this on the cheap!)

I hope this helps. Sandy- if you think my pictures look nice than I can assure you- you can take nice pictures too. Go back to when I first started this blog and check out the pictures I was taking. You'll see- if I can do it- you can do it.