What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, November 15, 2013

Finances on Friday

Something I've been considering this week: 

Some of my financial efforts this week:

* The "bucket situation" that I spoke of previously turned out  not-quite-as-expected. Walmart people said they would hold 10 buckets for me but called when there were only six and told me to pick them up.  I drove out there to discover that three of those had no LIDS (which kinda defeats the purpose of storage, wouldn't you say?!?)  Plus- they had attitudes. The people, not the buckets. Frustrated, I ended up buying the three that were worthwhile for a dollar a piece.  I almost went over to Lowes and bought the brand new ones right then, but I decided to at least TRY to get some at Price Chopper since they said they did give them away for free, if they had them.  Even one or two would help.  I popped in on the way home from church, so I didn't make a special trip out (and burn more gas).  Turns out- they had PLENTY and gave me all that I needed.  For free.  And with smiles.  SO....awesome.  I'll know where to go if ever I need more.

* While out at the "Walmart Bucket Trip", I dropped off more clothes at the consignment shop and picked up the $52.00 I had earned there!  (Which will be going in the furniture fund.)

* harvested lots of collards from the garden

Harvesting collards (that much more in the garden still needing to be harvested.)

* picked up eight roundbales of old hay for our garden.  The farmer down the road gave them to us for free.  (I'll  bake him a pan of cinnamon rolls as thanks.)

* made two handmade baby gifts using yarn I already had

* went to a Putnam Publishing warehouse sale in which brand new books are drastically lowered...all books are $1, $2, $3, $4 or $5 at most.  I spent WAY too much money there ($78.00.  For shame!) but got a ton of brand new, beautiful books.  I felt so badly about spending that much money that I added up all the book prices (on the covers).  The cost, had I bought them at regular price would have been $501.97 (not including tax).  Many of the books will be gifts, some are for homeschooling, and some are for homesteading/herbal resources.  I even got two DK educational videos on Weather and Rocks and Minerals.  I may try to resell two or three  in order to lessen my guilt.

The garlic cloves I planted were homegrown by some friends of mine.  They were absolutely enormous~ the clove on the right is a large size clove.  That is how monstrous it was.  Seriously insane.

* planted garlic. 60 cloves to be exact.  I don't know if this is too much or too little-my inclinations are that it will just scratch the surface of our garlic needs...but it is 60 more cloves than I have ever grown before.  :-)  And I can always grow more in spring.  The garlic I planted was given to me by a friend so there was no initial investment cost.  :-)

* Took our family pictures myself (for Christmas cards)

* cut all three boys' hair

Weekend plans include: 

 bringing in wood (unfortunately a weekly reality from now until about April), cleaning the house, company on Saturday, letters and packages to mail and handmade Christmas presents to start and crocheting in the crevices. You?

Have a great weekend!  


Anonymous said...

I am sure you have a great recipe for cinnamon rolls, but I have recently found one that is so incredibly soft! Every time I made cinnamon rolls they came out disappointingly dry! They key to success was mashed potatoes in the dough! Sorry had to share because I am in love with these rolls :)


Leah T. said...

Love that Chesterton quote! So true.

It sounds like your doing wonderfully with your commitment to save money! I really need to call our local grocery store to see if they have any pails. The book sale sounds like it was amazing and well-worth the money you spent. I need to cut my boys' hair tomorrow. Johnny actually asked me if I could please cut his hair. :)

As for the weekend, we have a birthday to celebrate on Sunday! Can you believe our girlies are going to be 5 years old?!?! And the birthday girl lost her first tooth a few days ago. I'm sure it was just yesterday that she and Adele were born, right? I have quarterly reports to eight for the 3 oldest. Ugh, it's not my favorite thing to do. I also need to make something for church meal on Sunday.

And about Christmas gifts, I'm in need of some inspiration. It's going to be a tight(er) year and I need to be very frugal. Any and all ideas are welcome! I think I'm going to use this little phrase as a guideline again this year, "Something you want, something you need. Something to wear, something to read." Now to find/make those perfect gifts at a really frugal price.

Blessings on your weekend! :)

Anna Yager said...

GKC is an endless source of amazing quotes, isn't he? That photo from your window brought tears to my eyes. It was so beautiful and evocative of the greater reality that CS Lewis refers to, the one that Tolkien calls "Faerie". You seriously should make your photos available for purchase online (not just as cards, but to hang on walls). Or am I missing it and you already do that?

Alyssa Spring said...

Love that last picture SO much Rebecca! I always love coming back to your blog and catching up! When I first started reading here both of us just had our two kids each so it's fun watching the seasons change in your life. :)

Rebecca said...

Jennifer~ that sounds interesting! More often than not I make my cinnamon rolls with leftover dough from pizza night. The problem with using mashed potatoes is that I never have leftovers!

Leah~ What a great comment! *ALMOST* like a letter! I love those kinds. Hope the birthday was a success. No- I can not believe it. Children grow so quickly. We are on the countdown for the birthday...Adele' finally decided upon her birthday meal just last night.

And I understand about Christmas~ it seems this is a tight year for everyone. Have you ever heard of the prudent homemaker blog? She is doing a gift-a-day series of handmade, SUPER cheap gifts. She is providing me with a lot of inspiration- maybe she would you too? For Christmas, we always do three presents: something you need, something you want and something to read (in addition to stockings...) I am considering a fourth category of "Something handmade" too. Not sure. Speaking of which- do you do stockings? I was curious about that a week or so ago as I was looking at stocking patterns on Ravelry.

Anna- that has been a goal of mine for so long-one that never seems to come to fruition. I think it is because I never know if it is just me that particularly likes pictures and I doubt that people would actually care enough about them to buy them. I have been considering making a calendar of bug and bloom photos to try and sell but my window is slowly passing me by. I hate to invest money in something that wouldn't sell.

Alyssa- that is crazy! I have been blogging that long? wow. Thanks for coming back again and again!