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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Grainy Season and Christmas Trees

I fully intended to do a 'weekending' post with pictures from our busy weekend...but here it is practically FRIDAY and I haven't posted once. 

And before I go further, I must apologize in advance for the grainy pictures.  This will probably be status quo for the rest of winter when I hibernate indoors and I have no access to sunshine.  :-(

The craft show on Saturday bombed with my calendars getting nary a glance except by one very interesting fellow who travels the world taking nekkid pictures for Calvin Klein and GQ, who just happened to be shopping with this wife.  He gave me his business card- but it had a naked picture on it and made me squirm a bit just having it in my wallet...so I threw it out like a proper prude.  :-)  I did manage to visit with my sister and have time to start/finish a Christmas present and have seven hours of time in which I did not have to chase down any children.  Considering these things, it was a success.

Last Thursday, Matt's parents took Corynn and Andrew to NEW YORK CITY and the Radio City Music Hall to see a Christmas show.  I have never been to NYC and I have always WANTED to see a show, so yeah- slightly jealous there.  Saturday night we ate our dinner while going through all the photos on the camera that the children had taken.  Plenty of them were of the Greyhound carpet or the back of peoples' heads...and most were blurred by excited fingers.  But it was fun anyway.


On Sunday after church we had our annual tree-trimming party, in which we drank the first eggnog of the season and ate all snacks for dinner.  (AKA junk.)  The menu consisted of chocolate covered popcorn, rye dip and bread, mozzerella sticks and jello jigglers.  Judah had NO IDEA what the jello was all about at first, but when he tried it, the whole bowl was gone within minutes.  I didn't go all crazy with the snacks this year like I do sometimes (for several reasons) and we all really missed our once-a-year Little Smokies.  (Note to Self: Don't forget the Smokies.)  We all felt sick that night but that won't stop us from doing it next year too.  (Insanity.)


I think the tree we got (the cheapest one available!) is the most beautiful one we have ever had.  Perfectly shaped with not a bare spot in sight.  Long, elegant needles that tickle instead of poke.  Just the perfect height so nothing needed to be trimmed from top OR bottom.  JUST RIGHT.  

Monday I went to the chiropractor for the first time ever.  (Ouch.)  Tuesday Corynn went to the dentist.  Wednesday I went to the post office to mail calendars.  Today I took the children down the hill to an elderly home-bound neighbor who had asked that the children come over to make fudge with her. (To make fudge?!  BY ALL MEANS!)

I do not prefer days in which things are scheduled and harried and on-the-go.  I especially do not like  WEEKS like that.  In fact, I rather like to avoid busyness, in general.  I'll be glad when this week is over.

The house has (as is often the case when things are busy and fast-paced and on-the-go) gotten messy and cluttered-feeling again so I spent yesterday afternoon listening to several debates on youtube while I made the master bedroom spic and span.  Having one room immaculate will allow me a calm space where I can retreat until I get the rest of the house tidy.   Makes my brain seem less cluttered too.  Plenty more rooms to go before we host Christmas Eve here!  :-)  

After I worked all afternoon on cleaning the room, I couldn't help but admire the floor.  Oh- how infrequently the floor in our bedroom is bare!   When I went to bed that night, I took an extra long glance at the room in all its' tidy glory- so I would remember that short, but oh, so sweet, moment when something felt DONE. 

A big pet peeve of mine is when Matt throws his PJ's on the floor by the bed.  Every. Single. Day.

But lookie what I found today when I went to put clean socks away: 

Awwwww.  He loves me.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting! Always checking everyday. Judah has his tongue out, so concentrating. Beautiful tree.

Tracy said...

Love BOTH photos of you and Matt.

Full of Grace said...

Love your beautiful bright bedroom..Yes, I am jealous there and I am not afraid to admit it!! :)

Ulli said...

Beautiful tree! Beautiful master bedroom! Lovely picutre of you and Matt!
Wishing you and yours a very Blessed Christmas season!

Terri Cheney said...

Little Smokies are part of our holiday tradition as well, along with canned cinnamon rolls and Danish. I can make great cinnamon rolls, both yeast based and biscuit based, but only canned will do. I tried skipping but horror upon horrors the disappointed faces turned my way! lol I learned. It's worth the extra $5 to keep those looks at bay! And those indigestible little smokies are right there beside those canned rolls...

Anna Yager said...

Eeew! A business card with naked people? I'm with you - get that thing outta here! And what's with the people at the the craft show not wanting calendars??? Don't take it too seriously - it always takes awhile to get a new enterprise rolling, and I'm sure I'm not the only one praying for the your success.

Cathy said...

It does feel so good to get ONE room spic and span! It gives one hope!

Amanda said...

Your Christmas tree is darling and your bedroom is wintery fresh and inviting! And I especially love stockings up the stair case with plenty of books and fudge making with elderly neighbors!!!

Thinking of you all this week as you get those last little things done.

Your calenders were beautiful too on on of the most recent posts. I love to see that you have things in your etsy shop!