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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I DID IT! (And it's for sale!)

Well, an important thing happened to me last night.  I could act all cool and non-nonchalant about it (that WOULD be the professional thing to do...) but that's not really me.  I mean, if I am feeling like this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  then I am gonna look like this:

(Whether I want to or not.)  
(Not, by the way, would be the obvious choice.)

SO- what's got me so enthusiastic, you ask?

Well.  I got a cardboard box delivered to my door last night and in it was....

....drumroll, please....

wall calendars!  With MY photographs in them!  


The fact is, while I love photography and would love to have my own photography business some day, having four smallish kiddos does seem to pose a problem for me in this season I am in.  (Can you say...childcare?!)  So I got to thinking...and with the encouragement of quite a few people (even some of you!  Thank you for that!) I decided to try to sell some of the photos I am able to take, even surrounded by children.  

This is Adele's favorite month.

This is Corynn's favorite month.

All this to say.... I have started an Etsy shoppe where I will begin to sell a few of my photographs along with a few other handmade things throughout the year.  One of the prospects I am especially excited about is a yearly wall calendar~ so that is where I began.  The 2014 calendar theme is Blooms and Bugs (You all know how much I love those!) and each picture is taken right here at Hopestead...mostly in my flower circle. Also in the shop are postcard sets...some of you are already familiar with those. ;-)

What does next month hold?!?!
Probably a little something like one of these!
 If you are interested in checking out (or ordering!) the 2014 Bugs and Blooms wall calendar, you can see them here.  Remember- quantities are limited (After all, I didn't want to fork over too much money on an experiment that might totally bomb!)

Postcards can be found here

Okay.  I admit it.  I only posted this picture because I love my girls' dimples. 

What the hey.  

Maybe my photos might tickle someones' fancy. And if not...well then, I guess I have all my Christmas shopping done!  ;-)


Kelli said...

Congratulations! Love your new shop. :0)

Julian said...

Congrats!!!!!;) what a beautiful calendar!

Joelle A. said...

Oh wow, super! Congrats! Stopping by from the crew.

Jill Foley said...

Beautiful - and exciting!!

Leah T. said...

Love love, love!!! I'm so excited for you!!! :D

Leslie Ferguson said...

Absolutely love the calendar and your blog. Merry Christmas!

Anna Yager said...

HURRAY! I know this little enterprise will blossom and grow into something you can't even imagine at present!

Rebecca said...

Thank you everyone! To say I am excited is an understatement- but you knew that by that insane first photo. ;-)

Leah said...

Just ordered one. The only change I would make would have been to put that photo of your excited face on one of the months so that every time I walked into my laundry room on that month I would laugh. :P :D

(p.s. Just put an anniversary picture of my husband and me on my blog. Sigh. My blog. My long forgotten blog. Sigh again...)

Jaya said...

congratulations!! wish you a lot of success.

Jaya said...

i know this is not the post, but just saw your bloopers video.. and i have to say, that last one is just precious! you HAVE to print it!