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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Finances on Friday: Weekend Edition

It was exactly 11:51 last night when I realized that I hadn't posted a Finances on Friday post!  It completely slipped my mind!  Though admittedly, I haven't thought much about it these last few days.
Because of this fellow here:

He took a much needed day (or two) of vacation on Thursday and Friday, giving us all a nice four day breather from his hectic work schedule.  He's been out doing his thing~ clearing overgrown pastureland, building a foot bridge to the sap buckets, splitting wood...you know "relaxing" work like that.  Meanwhile, I've been trying desperately to avoid anything that looks remotely like (even hints at) work.  ;-) 

We even managed to squeeze in a bit of a (much needed) date- which was NOT frugal. Olive garden, my friends, is no DEAL. 

There have been plenty of "splurges" this week anywhere from buying Triscuits, storebought hummus and fancy yarn to the above Olive Garden splurge so don't let me fool you.  It was kindof a bomb week for living frugally.

NEVERTHELESS.  A day late and a dollar short...here are a few things that I can pop off the top of my head regarding finances this past week.

* Went to Sam's Club on my Mom's membership. Bought two 25# bags of all purpose flour, 2 25# bags of sugar (these are the cheapest prices I have seen) among a few other things like minced onion, tomato paste, soup bouillon (sans MSG) and pecans.

* Picked up a few more free buckets from the Price Chopper bakery to use for sap/syrupping.

* Made our first batches of syrup!  We now are the proud owners of 1 quart homemade maple syrup that cost us nothing more than a bit of sweat equity.  (Sweat and syrup shouldn't be talked about in the same sentence.  Ew.)

* Matt bought fencing at a local construction open house, saving 10%.

* Paid bills, including our real estate taxes in one lump sum and by the first date given, allowing us to pay the smallest amount possible.

Matt saved us the most money this week:

* He has been in the market for a post pounder thingamabobber so that we can fence off some pasture this spring.  He was looking into buying one brand new (they run about $3,000) but I begged suggested to him to check out Craigslist first before doing anything rash.  The first time he checked he found just the thing he needed for $875.00... $600 of which he had already had saved up.  We were able to scrounge the rest in order to pay cash for it and save ourselves plenty of dollars.  LOVE Craigslist!  So happy he checked it!

In case anyone wants to do a Finances on Friday "Weekend Edition":

Do you have anything financial/inspiring to share this week? 
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