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Monday, March 10, 2014

March Arts: Michelangelo, Telemann

The switching over of computers old and new last week has set me back a bit in my blogging efforts.
Here is our March Arts of the Month, a few days late.
(More about the HOW'S and WHY'S of our Art Studies to come later in the week.)

Michelangelo as depicted by Jean Leon Gerome

Artist:  Michelangelo 1475-1564

Michelangelo Works and information at Art Renewal Museum.  (A free membership is required.)  This is where I find the works to print and laminate for our artist works' and picture studies.

Sister Wendy's Story of Painting :  This book is a treasure trove of information on the history of art.  We LOVE this book.  Love.  We'll read about Mantegna this month in it.

Great Painters:  Couldn't find this book on Amazon so I'll link to it on goodreads.com.  This is a GREAT book and has been SO helpful in our monthly artist studies.  I originally borrowed it from the library but took it out so often I started to think I was being a bit unfair to everyone else.  So I bought my own copy.  

Art Masterpieces to Color 

Michelangelo (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)

Michelangelo: A Life on Paper

Michelangelo: Complete Works


Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann 1681-1767
Georg Phillipp Telemann

Great Composers:  *Ditto on the Great Painters.  Had to buy my own copy.  We use this book every month!

Great Composers (Dover History Coloring Book) (I make photocopies of the pages for the children to color on the first introduction of the composer.  I am always sad when we cover a composer that is not included in this book- something feels MISSING in our study of that composer!)

 Classics for Kids Radio Show: Telemann

 Lives of the Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times (and What the Neighbors Thought)

 These last two I have not yet had the opportunity to use personally- but want to! :

Stories of the Great Composers (Book & CD) (Learning Link)Meet the Great Composers Book 1 (Learning Link)

Playlist for Telemannon youtube

Poet:  We are continuing on with Robert Lewis Stevenson.

* Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links, in which I am paid a pittance when you click through and buy through  my link. Thank you for those who do!
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