What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, May 09, 2014

FOF: Week 1 of the Use It Up Challenge

This week was not at all frugal.  Matt and I were able to have a weekend getaway sans children which required a hotel room and eating out (oh, drat.  So disappointing!  NOT.)  I loved it.  Every minute of it.  But it certainly didn't make me a good spokesperson for Finances on Friday.  It made me a Frugal Fraud~ with a few additional pounds packed on and a huge grin across my face.

Nevertheless~ here are a few things I did throughout this week, after our amazing weekend away:

* dehydrated banana slices and apple slices to make snacks for the car ride.  (I did this before the trip and took them with us.)

* sent eggs, bread and banana cinnamon rolls along with the children to their grandparents house.  I used up the two TOO RIPE bananas I had, mashed with cinnamon and sugar and chocolate chips for the cinnamon-swirl part of the cinnamon rolls to use them up before they were a total waste.  A brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.  (Did this before the trip too, come to think of it.)

*  hung all laundry on clothesline to dry

* called the phone company to get an online bill paying account and spoke with a woman who, though it wasn't what I called for, got my monthly rate lowered by around $30.00 with 30 free minutes of long distance (no long distance before), 10c a minute after that (.18c long distance before) and caller id/call waiting (welcome to the 21st century).  This, after just last month calling to see what they could do for me and being told "nothing-but here is a $60.00 credit for your time!").  Interesting what talking to a different person will do!  Ended up with the credit AND the discount!  Cha-ching

* Went to the craft store to get one particular thing and discovered in the clearance section huge one pound yarn skeins for $3.97.  Original price is $10-$12 so even with a 40% off coupon, I couldn't match it.  I got three in a beautiful shade of light gray and one in purple.  I think I already know what I would like to do with the gray.

* Used a Lane Bryant $15.00 off a $15.00 coupon mailed to me to buy a new pair of sunglasses.  Out of pocket: $2.03

* Had to get work gloves at Harbor Freight and used three no-purchase-necessary HF coupons to get free screwdrivers, a free light and a free tape measure.

* Went to the library and got a bag of books from the book barn for $3.00.  While there, the librarian asked if I wanted to have their set of Encyclopedias for free (in brand new condition because they were never taken out of the library and only bought five years ago!)  Corynn, especially, has been hoping for a set of encyclopedias.

* filled out the paperwork and mailed the leftover pesos to be exchanged for dollars that we had laying around from our honeymoon. a-hem 11 years ago.

* spent several hours outside doing garden things like putting a light layer of hay over the asparagus patch and mulching flower beds, etc.

* canned 5 1/2 qts bone broth from several bags of frozen beef bones from the butcher (to work toward emptying that freezer!)

* used the leftover boiled vegetables to make stew for dinner.

* dried the bones for RubyDog

And here was the menu for the week:
(My goal is to clear space for this years' harvest by the end of the month so I am focusing on using up some of the freezer and canning cupboard goodies.)

Note: sandwiches for lunch unless otherwise stated.  In blue= from freezer, In Red= from canning cupboard

(Out of town Sat/Sun)

Sunday dinner was homemade Mac and Cheese, peas, bananas.  (We had just come home and were ready to get the kids to bed so it had to be fast and easy.) (peas)

    breakfast: huckleberry scones (huckleberries)
    dinner: Taco/Burrito Night in honor of Cinco de Mayo! And pickles, since Matt wanted them. (ground beef, venison, salsa, a few jalapenos)

   breakfast: leftover scones and cottage cheese
   dinner: eggs, bacon, toast, potato/zucchini/cheese hashbrown casserole (2 pkgs frozen shredded zucchini, bacon)

   breakfast: oatmeal and raisins
   dinner: Beef Stew using the leftover veggies and meat remnants from bones from making beef bone broth all day from frozen soup bones.  (As an aside: I never understand why people boil veggies for broth and then throw them away and for myself, consider it almost sacrilegious.) Also used leftover chili broth from freezer and leftover taco meat from Monday night in the stew.  Also had cornbread and strawberries.

    breakfast: Flourless zucchini breakfast bread with added coconut thrown in for good measure, since I had a bit leftover in a bag in the cupboard.  Used that up.  A slice of cheese. (shredded zucchini)
    dinner:  Pesto sauce with Chicken, Kielbasa and Cherry Tomatoes over Whole Wheat Angel Hair.  Used up the last of the cherry tomatoes that were too wrinkly to be appetizing on my lunch salads.  Applesauce.  (pesto, kielbasa)

    breakfast: A slice of toast. Smoothies (bananas, huckleberries, peaches)
    dinner: Pizza Night!  (I'm thinking BBQ chicken and Pepperoni and Onion pizzas.) Carrot sticks.

How did you do this week??

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