What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, November 07, 2014

Cozy Bits

It has been snowing off and on today.  The big flakes swirl and blow like a big snow globe one moment and then, without any fanfare, slow to a float, calmly and silently twirling among barren branches and around blackened plants to fall gently upon the mud and disappear.

 It is November now... and there is hay in the barns and wood lined up in a row and a blazing woodstove in the basement.  There are soups for lunch and quilts on the bed and delicious yarns to work with and Christmas presents to dream up.  There is a big living room where train villages and Playmobil people can spread their legs and candles, lit first thing in the morning and blown out right before bed, that smell the house of pumpkin pie and maple syrup waffles.  There is banana bread for breakfast and garlic hanging in the barn...not nearly enough.   There are stories to tell and white board Pictionary on Sunday nights.  There are thick, lined curtains newly hung in two windows upstairs in hopes that they will keep out the bluster, bought at Salvation Army and handmade with just the most beautiful mustard and turquoise floral fabric.  There are treks to the garden for vibrant swiss chard and cold-loving kale and beets that need to be brought in and canned but mostly the gardens are dead and sad and ugly looking...begging for a nice warm layer of mulch to see it through til spring.  There are pistachio shells drying by the woodstove because they are worth the splurge if, along with the yumminess, they can be turned into something beautiful.  There is an exceeded limit of requested books on my library account and movies awaiting a cuddle with Matt.

It is November now...and we are as ready as we'll ever be for the cold and blustery days that are on their way.


Bonnie said...

We had snow today- but not the gorgeous fluffy flakes you had, just little wimpy ones.
Lovely pictures one and all : )

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures

1. Did you buy the quilts or better yet make or inherit them ?

2. Can you make a quilt ?

I would apologize for the nosiness, but I really want to know :)


Tracy said...

It all looks so cozy!

beth said...

finding myself eager to read your paragraphs a second time, just to soak up their loveliness again ~

Jenn in Indiana said...

You always have such lovely pics and words. Would love to know what the food is and even better recipes??? Your living room is so homey and inviting. Your children seem to entertain themselves well, do they ever get bored staying home?

Rebecca said...

Bonnie- the first snow is always joyful- even if it is wimpy! ;-)

Lydia- 1) All the quilts I own have been made for us except two- the red and white one in the picture on this post and another...both of which were yard sale finds.

2) I have made a quilted baby blanket but that is it! I have also made blocks- but never made a finished quilt. It is absolutely on my to-do list. I have about a gazillion quilt patterns on my Pinterest MUST MAKES page. (Unfortunately, it's been there for a while. I guess a large quilt is so daunting to me that it never happens.) :-)

Tracy and Beth- THANK YOU! Wishing you coziness today too!

Jenn- Thanks for the sweet comment. The food was just stir-fry and greek chicken but boy were they yummy. I am notoriously bad at recipes because I toss this and that in as I cook and it usually works out. As for the boredom...never. I am serious! I've always put "BORED" right up there with curse words in this house- you DON'T say it. My kids know that if they say they are bored then I will give them something to make them un-bored....like cleaning the toilet or their rooms, bringing in wood, etc. So maybe that has something to do with it?! ;-) Also- they never watch tv and aren't allowed on the computer unless it is for the occasional schooling so they have, since birth, been forced to find things to do. They keep themselves very occupied almost always and if I find they are becoming too crazy I know maybe they need a project so I suggest some ideas before things get so out of control. Sometimes they need redirection or a spark to get them going again but overall, they keep themselves busy. And happy.

Anonymous said...

Is there a pattern for that gorgeous scarf? Loved this cozy November post and all the beautiful pictures.

Rebecca said...

Anon- it is essentially an odd numbered row just k 1 p 1. Because it is odd- when you turn it around, you'll be doing the opposite stitch and that creates the puffy stitch. I think it is called the seed stitch but I can't remember. Super simple. I just worked it until the skein was all used up. Hope that helps!

Tracy said...

Rebecca, I seem to have lost your email address, and I hope you'll contact me at 5redhens@gmail.com. I have something that I think will be of great interest to you for the children!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rebecca! So is it just a rectangle? Would you mind letting me know how long and how wide? I love the look of it (and that gorgeous pin you've paired with it!). I'm still in the beginner category, so all the little details are helpful.