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Thursday, May 14, 2015

In Bloom and Garden

Lenten Rose

On Mother's Day, the lilacs bloomed and the asparagus was ready to harvest for the first time!  It was a happy Mother's Day, indeed.

We've so anticipated the harvests that would come in that asparagus bed we planted three years ago- and just like that- it's here.  Whenever something is first begun, the future can seem so far away.  When we moved in, our house needed so much work it seemed like it would never end.  And maybe it won't- but boy, has progress been made!  A baby is made and 9 months seems like eternity and then poof!  They are nearly teenagers. An asparagus bed is planted and it is nearly painful to watch it grow but not pick any- and then, suddenly, on Mother's Day you eat.  And two days later, there is more.  And two days later, more still.

Time is a funny thing, isn't it?

I know I will be feeling the same way when we finally get cherry and nectarine harvests from our fruit trees last year.  As we wait, though, I am fully enjoying the beautiful show they are putting on!  Last night, as apples and lilacs and fruit trees were all in peak bloom, there was a frost warning.  How I worried!  I brought in a huge basket of lilacs to make bouquets to put throughout the house just to be SURE I could enjoy them even for a moment.  I worried for the fruit trees. Sure enough- I woke up to frosted grass...but miraculously, the blossoms on everything seem okay!


 I worked in the flower circle this week.  Weeding, laying down wood chips from the woods, tidying things up.  Lots of little flowers blooming making bees and bugs very happy.  The circle is alive again...and it makes me so happy.

creeping phlox


While I've been working on flowers...I should be preparing the vegetable garden.  I've been at a stand-still on that because Matt, unknowingly, put fresh cow manure on it all winter.  I've been very concerned with any plants put in there getting burned and the idea of it has just made me wonder what should be done.  And since I had no answer, I just tried to ignore the problem.

But I can't ignore the problem.  We depend on our garden in many ways and not having one is not an option.  I don't want to plow up new ground because to replace the size garden we have would tear up too much of our yard.

I talked to a neighbor and, he says if I take up most of the hay, the walkways and the fencing, he can plow it for me. And maybe, turning the manure into the dirt will make it all okay.  I don't know if it will work but there really isn't any other option anyway.

This is a huge blow for me because I worked really hard to make walk-ways last year in order to have a no-till garden and ONCE AGAIN- it isn't happening.  (This has happened to me before.)

Oh well, if it must be done, it must be done.  So, as much as I would love to keep admiring the beautiful flowers, I really should be paying closer attention to this eye-sore:


Caroline said...

Rebecca I wouldn't worry about the manure..dad puts manure on our garden every year. You do have to get it tilled though. Don't over due yourself take good care of that little one your carrying :)

Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias said...

We have always been careful when putting horse manure on the garden [because it's high in nitrogen, so it's considered "hot"] but not cow. It always gets tilled in and we haven't had issues with burnt plants.

All of your pictures are absolutely lovely.

Ulli said...

Beautiful photos, as usual, Rebecca! Call a Cooperative Extension about the manure issue. They may be able to give you some advice.

Rosemary said...

I am saying a prayer that your neighbour tilling the garden will work. I am sorry you have to dig up your pathways. I remember how hard you worked on them. Please, do not over do. Take care. Rosemary

Carie said...

Oh how wonderful to have asparagus after such a long wait! And I love all your blossoms, I love lilac and lots of our neighbours have it but I have to settle for a good sniff on the way past their gardens!

Abigail said...

Hurrah for asparagus! I plan to make another raised bed for herbs, but I'd love to pair them with those green stalks. :) Where did you buy your starts? I haven't seen them anywhere in my travels since we moved here, and I always forget to see if they can be ordered, too.

Also, double hurrah for blooms!!!!! They lighten a heart. What-- pardon my ignorance-- is growing on the trellis? They have a gorgeous shape.

Rebecca said...

Abigail~ I got the asparagus crowns at Agway. I should have planted twice as many, though, since having waited three years we are only getting as much as we can eat and none to put up for later. So when you do go for the asparagus, don't make my mistake- get more than you think you'll need!

The plant on the trellis is actually a hanging basket that was hanging on the roof grid before the roof was put on. It is called fuschia. It was my Mother's Day present!

Abigail said...

Ahh! That makes so much sense! My Mopsy got fuschia for Mother's Day, too. It's what my Grandma Manwaring always used to get from her grown children. When I saw it, I raved over the gorgeous lines of those blossoms. Such perfect, clean lines! Then when I saw these pictures of (what I thought was) a creeping vine all a'blossom, I was excited because the blossoms were just as gorgeous as the ones on Mopsy's plant and might be something I could grow myself. Oops. (Silly Abigail.)

Thanks for the asparagus tip. I'll ask Mom to check when she pops into Agway, but I'm guessing I missed my window again this year. But thanks to you, in that golden day when I do find some, I'll buy enough for an army of asparagus eaters. ;)

p.s. Mopsy got hanging fuschia, you got hanging fuschia...HEY!!! Where MY hanging fuschia??!!! (screamed Veruca Salt)