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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


 Every weekend I feel even more like a sloth than I do during the week (and I feel like one then too).

On his days off, Matt works outside pretty much all day and I sit and watch him.  I have no gumption to do much of anything.  Part of it may be laziness, but I think much of it has to do with feeling so downright lowsy all the time.  I feel either starving or nauseous, but when the former, I feel the latter soon after.  It takes all my energy not to throw up, apparently, and I have nothing left over with for being productive.  I'm not complaining, mind you, Tiddle is totally worth it...but I do feel a bit guilty about being such a bum... or would, if in fact, I had enough gumption.

Despite my (more intense than I ever remember feeling with any other pregnancy) nausea, I really love looking at pictures of food and reading recipes for food.  I have spent the last hour looking at a friends' food blog (she makes good food, I can attest, and takes mouth-watering pictures of it) and scouting out allrecipes.com.  It seems, even if my mouth can't, my eyes want to feast.

Since wiping my blog reader down to the top ten list, I have no food blogs to devour now that I want them.  Any good ones out there for me and my feasting eyes to peruse?

I have several baby gifts to be making (have made) but I haven't picked up yarn since my last project-a good month and a half ago.  See?  I told you!  Lazy bones.

Andrew thinks he's pretty swell to be able to push mow.  I think so too.

We had an odd experience this winter.  While Penny was on hay, her cream stopped making butter.  I don't know why, exactly~ I've scoured forums, books and articles to know the science behind it- but without success.  The butter would begin to form granules and then it would go back to whipped cream.  Weird.  Now that she is on pasture, I am able to make butter again.  Unfortunately, her milk has a more 'pasture' taste which I can't stand.  This could be a pregnancy thing too, because no one else seems to mind it.

This Memorial Day our neighbor came and tilled up the garden.  It looks amazing.  That is what it took for me to become excited about planting things again.  Up 'til now, I didn't even like to look the way of the garden.  I am really late in planting things this year- I usually plant the first things on my birthday (the 15th) and put everything in on Memorial Day...but hey, a freshly tilled garden is a good step in the right direction.  It will happen.  It will happen.

I've been enjoying harvesting lots of asparagus though I have decided I should have planted twice as many crowns as I did.  We have plenty to eat but none to put up and that is too bad.

My rhubarb is growing well, though I don't know how much I'll be able to harvest this year... you aren't supposed to harvest stalks until they are 10" and they aren't quite that.  I do have some frozen rhubard that was given to me so I'll be using that up soon.

I am angry with the chickens.  Or, more likely, the dog.  This is now day 4 of getting only 1 egg a day.  I have to go around the fence and find where they are getting out and mystery creature is getting in and repair it quick.  It is no fun keeping chickens without getting any eggs in return.   We do not free-range our chickens all year.  Once the garden is in, they are confined to the chicken yard again.  Enjoy your freedom chickens because soon---you'll be behind bars once again.

And look!  Baby cherries!!!!

Super exciting!!!

(and yes, that announcement does warrant six exclamation points. !!! )


...they call me mommy... said...

Aww. (((HUGS))) about the morning sickness...*hands Rebecca some ginger ale?*

Alas, I DID.NOT. make it to the mailbox in time to change the WRONG address (DUH) on your letter. ???? WAAAAAAAA!!!! So, hopefully, it will be forwarded??? or I will get it back??? So sorry. Otherwise, I will write you another asap. I really owe you.

Your deck/porch looks soooo nice!!!

I just LOVE that chicken coaster? :)

Stefanie said...

Try protein every time you eat, and a sip a soft drink that contains phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acids sometimes cuts the nausea enough to eat the protein which helps reduce the nausea. After three rounds of hypermesis (HG) that is what worked for me. And sometimes a few potato chips first, and then food.
You will get through it, the sick feeling is the worst. Remember, overdoing it also increases the nausea, so rest!
Great pictures, as always.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Stephanie. Always potato chips first, then food.

Nikki McHenry said...

Sucking on lemon drops helped my nausea.

Christina Gomez said...

I wonder if it's a girl....... Lol
Your porch is beautiful! Christina

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the suggestions ladies. Matt and I got a chuckle out of the soda and chips suggestions...ANYTHING to help the nausea! ;-)

But if I have 50 pounds to lose after this baby- you are in trouble!!! :-)

Abigail said...

You know what? Forget the food. Just eat potato chips and lemon drops. Always works for me! (And you KNOW how much I always gain...)

How 'bout lots of comments when I have yogurt waiting on the stove? Okay, let's go!

1. The porch. Wow, again. (That's as articulate as I'll get.)
2. You're growing skin and bones on a little life! Definitely not lazy.
3.Thanks for linking to that disgusting food blog. Poison and warts. You'd think the author would update more than once a year, huh? She must be very lazy.
4. All of my rhubarb died. Weeping. Gnashing of teeth.
5. When they're not pecking up the flowerbeds, our free-rangers are storing convenient mountains of eggs in the coop. When we get home from the island, let me know if you want some! (Also chicken-related, I know a Mildred who will want that pattern. Is it on ravelry? It's charming, much more so that the actual chickens whose *stuff* I step in daily.)
6. There's no chance of our grassy garden getting prepared until Andy flies in from Alaska next week. We will be gone still. Don't fret about a late garden! I'll always be here to comfort you with my yet later example. :)

7. I need to hop off this beast and eat a late breakfast of potato chips and lemon drops. What?! I'm not pregnant? Ah, well. For the sake of health, I'll do it, anyway.

THE END. (The next installment of this serial novel to follow when an Abigail is once again feeling overwhelmed by All That Must Be Done Pronto.)

Abigail said...

p.s. You wanted another comment? Here's another comment. I'm going to take a stab at making feta today. I don't have a cheese thermometer, so I'm going to make it without using a thermometer, instead using my finely-tuned finger to check the milk's temperature. What am I thinking?! Call me and tell me not to waste the milk, will you?

Abigail said...

p.p.s. This is also thoughtful of me, because now whenever you end up trying feta, my inevitable failure will, by comparison, encourage you in your first results.

Catie said...

I was so sick with my first 2 pregnancies--I feel your pain! Sorry! :( I hope it goes away soon!

Leah T. said...

I'll comment on the rest of your post in a bit but I wanted to comment on the cream/butter problem. Scott, his dad, and I think that the problem has to do with the temp of the cream when churning. It might seem counter-intuitive but you probably need to let the cream get a little warmer before churning. We've had the same issue and this is what has worked for us. :)