What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Deep Purple

Though I had hoped to have a bunch of to-do's checked off my list before school began, they weren't getting checked off quite fast enough and I realized that if I put things off until everything is 'just so', things will be put off indefinitely

And so, we've begun school with no garlic planted, the granary downsize only 60% done, no applesauce or cider made, garden beds not yet cleared and a very messy, unorganized school room.  Little by little, children are being educated and things are getting checked off- though the latter more slowly than ever before.  My motivations are waning and I find myself, once again, struggling to force myself to do tackle those lingering, heavy things weighing on my mind instead of ignoring them.  I did get my pickled beets canned up- one of my favorite things to put up.  The smell of the beets and cinnamon and cloves and mustard seed all simmering, the gorgeous burgundy stains on everything...oh, canning pickled beets is just such a delicious time. And they taste so good.

Do you like our Beverly Hillbillie-esque Doodlebug up there?   Quite the vehicle.  Matt took it down the hill to a local car show and I am sure he could have won an award for most unusual (embarassing?) vehicle had there been one.  But we love it anyway.

Much to the childrens' delight, another one of our renegade chickens succeeded in hiding eggs long enough to hatch some babies.  Two more chickies surprised us in the garden-but I wonder how it will go for them since the weather is now turning so chilly.  It certainly is a nice way to turn over a young flock of chickens, this whole surprise baby thing.

My niece turned one a few weeks ago and I made her a little peasant dress using this pattern/tutorial and then made a matching dress for a little doll.  As always happens when I finally haul out the sewing machine, I got to work and immediately thought "This is so fun!  Why don't I do this more often?!"  I should.  I immediately thought that I could make a few for Adele' and hey- they are so easy, I could whip up a few for a potential baby girl too, without too much trouble.  If Tiddle turns out being a boy, it won't be too devastating to hand them off to someone else as gifts,

I am having the hardest time trying to figure out some projects I could make for Tiddle in these last 10 weeks or so...  I know when Tiddle arrives I will be entirely incapable of producing anything at all so now is time.  I am more capable at crochet and knitting than I ever have been before (though very much lacking in confidence with the latter) but I still finish projects so sloooowwwly that I know I will not be able to churn things out for boys AND girls.  What does one choose when one does not know?!  I am not generally a girl who prefers unisex things.  I prefer my girls to look like girls and boys to look like boys.  I find myself spending too long perusing free projects on Ravelry trying to find something 'perfect' but only succeeding at wasting the time I could be using to actually make something.  That's the pickle, I suppose. 

For this weekend: apples.  

We finished our last jar of applesauce a few weeks ago and I am desperate for some cider too.  So far it seems like apples are an every other year phenomenon around here (last years' harvest was nilch as was two years' ago) so I want to be sure to stock up while the gettings good.  


they call me mommy said...

Love these newsy posts! Did you boil your eggs in beet juice? Stunning! I've never had a surprise baby, I'm always so impatient. ;) How bout a simple quilt? Just pretty squares...good for all babies?! Or maybe that's too much work. I always feel like quilts will go together quick, but then one gets to the binding and quilting part...the piecing I love... :)

Amos just bought in with some siblings/friend and family huge crates of apples...we've been eating them straight and enjoying some apple desserts, but I've not made sauce yet. I probably will freeze it though. :)

As always, always...LOVE your photos and the kids with their books are sweet. <3

Full of Grace said...

Love the matching dress/doll dress! What a wonderful gift, and you really SHOULD make a few, maybe one for your girlie and one just in case you have another girlie hiding inside, hey you never know! :) As for apples, I am feeling like I am losing my terribly small window of time for apples, and now that we have a puppy at home, it's even smaller because of how long he can be crated. I am getting so desperate for apples I am thinking I may head to the apple orchard myself tomorrow to get some seconds apples at least!! On an aside, maybe make a white or cream gender neutral bonnet, sweater, and booties set, then when tiddle is born you can either add rose pink, or navy blue ribbon interwoven through each piece(or something like that) depending on whether baby is a he or a she to make it gender specific :) Just a thought :)

Rebecca said...

Amy~ when I finished canning the pickled beets I still had some pickled juice left. I hardboiled the eggs while I was canning and then just plopped them in the juice (shucked, of course) to 'marinate' for a few days. By day 4 they are great. Day 5 is amazing. And then they are pretty much gone. ;-) As for baby projects- I have thought quilt too but, like you, I enjoy the PIECING but not necessarily the rest of the job. :-)

Elizabeth- we have a bit more time with apples. Or, at least I keep telling myself that. ;-) Very good idea about the neutral items that details can be added to later. But yes- I am thinking I may be making a peasant dress for the baby just in case. Sounds like, if Tidlle is a boy, I may have another little girl to give it to! ;-)

Terri Cheney said...

Your pictures tell all sorts of stories long before I get to read the post. I thought "Hmmm...It's turned cold there already, look at the sweaters on those children..."

Abigail said...

Love your posts and pictures. I am so soundly in your company regarding learning/to-dos, as you know. This week, learning is going well. To-dos remain un-to-done. :)

I love that dress set. So pretty! Good to see that the colder weather allows for minutes spent inside making little bits of beauty.