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Friday, October 23, 2015

Tiddle:: 9

 Living, Making, Doing:: A Countdown to Baby


Tiddle getting into (quite literally) the pizza making.


A colin vest.  My first knitted garment.  I started this little vest after my second or third knitting class at the library.  I remember we began on four needle fingerless mitts and I had a horrible time with it!  Every time I worked on the mitts at home I made a mistake and couldn't continue until class was held again in another two weeks.  I decided to start a simple knit/purl project using a single skein so that I could get the hang of knitting and purling stitches.  This was what I began.

That was two years ago!!!
(I told you I am a slooooowwww knitter!)

Actually, I set it aside for awhile when I couldn't stand knitting a baby garment with no baby in sight so it isn't THAT pathetic- but pretty close.  Knitting group has begun again for the fall season and I told the ladies that the next class I would be finishing the vest before the next meeting.  I don't think they believed me.

This vest will fit a 6-12 month baby.  The back portion was the piece I did when I was first learning and I can certainly see the difference between the back and front, when I had some more experience.  The one armpit is wonky and didn't match up on the right side and I wonder if the shoulder straps will be long enough.  But, even with all these imperfections, I pretty much love it.  I love how gradated yarn looks when knit...a totally different look than crochet.  And I think this will be suitable for Tiddle whether Tiddle is a he or a she.  

I'm glad to have another long unfinished project now complete.


I always write a few letters to my babies recalling certain things about my pregnancies with them, feelings, memories, etc.  Corynn and Andrew, in particular, really enjoy reading them now...much more so than I ever really thought they would.  I hadn't yet recorded anything for Tiddle and wanted to change that.  I'll include these letters, the photos from how I told the family and ultrasound pictures in his/her baby book.

Which, by the way, I am challenging myself to BEGIN NOW instead of waiting until this child is 5, 7 or 9 to do as I am with some of my others.  A-hem.


Christina Gomez said...

Lovely vest , love the colors! Can't wait to see baby! Christina

Christina Gomez said...

Lovely vest , love the colors! Can't wait to see baby! Christina

Anonymous said...

Aww, that is so cute. Did you nickname all of your kids Tiddle when they were in the womb?

...they call me mommy... said...

Awww! Love the vest and the journaling for your child! I just love that! I try to keep up on MOMMY and ME type notebooks with my kids :)

Rebecca said...

Anon~ we have always had in-utero names for our babies because it is much more personal and fun than "it" or "baby". Corynn was BOO, Andrew was PEANUT, Adele' was BUNKIN and Judah was SMOOCH. Now there is Tiddle and I don't know who that little person is going to become. But we are excited to find out!

Mary P said...

Rebecca I want to email you directly but just realized I only have your mailing address - no email. Can you email me at maryphares @ me . com so I can email you? :-)

Abigail said...

So, so lovely.

Those muted jewel tones are just perfect, and I can tell you that no matter what an experienced knitter might say, I can guarantee I'D never notice those small imperfections!