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Friday, November 13, 2015

Tiddle:: 7

Before I get THREE weeks behind, I had better get to posting these Tiddle posts... 


A baby crown~ a total newborn photo prop, I admit.  ;-)


Sorted through all the newborn clothes and brought them in to wash up.  I brought in both the girl and boy stuff- most of it was yellow, green or white anyway.  I have surprisingly few clothes for a boy because Andrew was a spring/summer baby and Judah, being the Hoss that he was, skipped the newborn sizes entirely.  

AND I actually BOUGHT something for Tiddle- those stinkin' cute elf socks up on top.  How seriously CUTE are they?



I stopped being able to comfortably touch my toes several weeks ago.  Matt used to paint my toes when pregnant.  Now he shares the responsibility with several eager girlies.

Adele' made sure to sketch out her nailpolishing plans properly.  ;-)


...they call me mommy... said...

Aww. Cute belly, Rebecca! You are almost there! The end is VERY hard for me, so HUGS in case it is for you too!

Full of Grace said...

Love the sweet crown and stinkingly adorable socks.. Tiddle will be so cute :)

Christina Gomez said...

Sweet. Very happy for you! Christina

Christina Gomez said...

Sweet. Very happy for you! Christina

Courtney said...

That crown will make a precious picture! Newborn photos are so fun these days. All we knew to do when my oldest two were born was that deer in the headlights hospital crib photo.

Ulli said...

Love the crown, and the elf socks are adorable! Perfect for the season of his/her birth!