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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Tiddle :: 8

Living, Making, Doing :: A Countdown to Baby

(I blog last weeks' Tiddle post a week late.  Ah, life.  You move too swiftly.)


Judah comes up randomly throughout the day and whispers to Tiddle through my belly button.  


A simple hat using some remnants of SimplySoft yarn.  I am trying to make things that will work whether Tiddle is a boy OR girl but thought I would like to make at least gender specific hats.  This is the boy version.


Having had four babies already, I have pretty much all the baby necessities packed away somewhere.

  The one thing I did need to replace was our infant car-seat, which had served us well for the past 12 years.  When I cleaned out the Granary last year, I saw the state of the car-seat (after barn cats had wrecked their havok) and wasn't getting pregnant anyway so I made the executive decision to throw the thing out.  I decided if ever I were to become pregnant again I would celebrate by buying a newer one off of craigslist or something.    

Turns out, I didn't have to!  A friend stopped by with a brand new Eddie Bauer car seat that she was given from the company in replacement of her faulty travel system and she didn't need it!  What a great blessing it is to have this spankin' new car seat awaiting our Tiddle...and what a blessing to have such a generous and kind friend!


Alyssa Corley said...

sweetest little baby hat ever

Theresa F said...

That baby hat is freakin adorable!!