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Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Dump

A Photo Dump

Ineke on her baptism day.  It was a hurried affair getting everyone prepared for church on time (and we were still late) so I snapped only this one measley photo before heading out the door.  Darling girl.

I love a girl in a kerchief.  

Especially this girl.
Don't let this snoozing duo fool you...
Andrew saw me coming and assumed 'syruppy sweet sleeping' pose.  Little did he know the moment was already syruppy sweet just as it was.
Lovely girl who, when standing on tiptoes, is alarmingly near to reaching eye-to-eye with her Mama.  

Ahhhh, this photo.  This breath-taking photo was taken mere moments before Matt and I went on a desperately needed date which turned out to be the worst date (and quite possibly DAY) of our entire lives.  It began with walking into a billiard hall the minute they were unexpectedly shutting down and ended with gas being accidentally poured all over himself at a gas station and needing to have the windows open despite the winter temps on the way home just to remain conscious.  Every moment between the start and the finish (about 3 hours) was filled with tears, tantrums, screaming and gnashing of teeth.  And we did nothing during that time but drive.  This photo.  This photo.  It mocks my pain.
Hello porch.  I miss you.  *muah*
Judah asked to take a picture of me and Ineke.  I never let my children use my camera (yeah.  hundreds of bucks.)  But I did this time...I post it because I have no double chin.  
Adele' saw and then asked to take one too.  I must be fair.  I post this one because I see a sleepy grin poking out from behind that arm.
Even with hat head, he's STILL handsome.
Another day, another fortress.
My sweets.
Their sweets.
I have this thing about wax seals for letter-writing.  Love them.  While making buttermints, I thought maybe they would work for decorations.  I feel very clever, indeed.

Who needs conversation hearts when they can have bee-buttermints.  BEE MINE?
After the buttermints and before the chocolate lollipops I made for everyone, we made saltwater taffy.  The children enjoyed stretching the taffy and with four children doing it, it wasn't so labor intensive.  The labor intensive part came with wrapping each individual taffy.  At which point everyone child save one hightailed it outta there.  Thank goodness for my girl.
Winter has arrived on the hill.  
This photo is a testament to how well our new woodstove is working.  Such a worthwhile investment of our tax return last year. While previous winters in this house found us covered in layers upon layers of clothing and still shivering down to the bone, this winter finds us without sweaters and coats!  In fact, even without shirts for the fearless among us. 
That was a photo dump...as opposed to a gutting-a-room-so-the-entire-upstairs-is-in-shambles-and-will-be-for-the-foreseeable-future sort of dump:

A new Papa project.  And hopefully, now that it is officially begun, a *quick* one.  


Full of Grace said...

Thank you for the photo update of you and your beautiful family.. Love You.

Full of Grace said...

Oh, and I'm so sorry about your date :(

...they call me mommy... said...

I love photo dumps!!! My Noah had to study Andrew's fort in close detail! It inspired him! Annie FREAKED out at the picture of Corynn and the baby...she was like, "Oooooo...look at that baby chub!" :) She really loves babies. The head scarf is adorable fabric and you look WONDERFUL, woman. I'm almost 2 years out from last baby and still have so far to go. Ugh. Your empty room project reminds me of all the work we STILL have at the new place...feels like we will NEVER move over. ;) Dh has sooooo many irons in the fire. Oh, I finally thought of a good and better name for the new place...I know you enjoy naming things...Hearth Ridge. I love it! :) Anyway...bless you.

Bonnie said...

Photo dumps are always good! (I just lost forever every blessed picture off my phone. Somewhere between here and kingdom come. There went my recipe posts. Time to clear the camera card.)
Lovely pictures one and all!

Megan said...

Your children are gorgeous! Your daughters eyes in that photo! Perfect. I too have a little baby and I love the pic of your son with the baby asleep on him. Don't you just want them to stay that little forever!!!? Of course they will grow up and then we have to have another one :)

Terri Cheney said...

Lovely! And I noticed a new sofa? I know you desperately needed a new one and I'm happy to see it there. It might sound silly but I've prayed about you and a sofa for the longest time now.

How wonderful to have the new woodstove working so nicely.

Catie said...

Lovely pictures! :) The buttermints looks so yummy! Ineke is SOOOOOOO cute! *sigh*

Renata AtSunnyside said...

Love the photo dump Rebecca! Your place always looks so lovely with a blanket of snow around it. That sunset photograph is amazing - such a shame about the rest of the date.
Bubby is so cute & does she have Matty's eyes? Her photo is right next to your profile photo & they look the same shape as his in that picture.
Have a wonderful day. I look forward to seeing how the room works out. We have been endlessly renovating our farmhouse. Thankfully we are done with the bedrooms & living areas now (except for carpet which we have to save for as it's going to cost a lot) & now we are onto the bathroom. I understand your frustration with living in a half finished house.
Have a wonderful day!

Rebecca said...

Elizabeth- thanks for commenting! It has been ages, it seems, since we've chatted. I'd like an update on YOUR family! I'll have to give you a call.

Amy- truly, it was just the angle of the camera. Spring and summer is coming and with it- lots of running around outside! Good luck with the many house projects. Trust me! I feel your pain! (But it will be so worth it!) And I love the name of your place. Perfect.

Bonnie- OH NO! ugggghhh.

Megan- I keep looking at Ineke and remembering that she was about half the size she is now. It is so sad! But the smiles she has been giving us makes her growing up a welcome bit too.

Terri- thank you! That is just so sweet of you to remember us in that way. Yes, we did get two new sofas. One (the blue) from Craigslist and the other new from a discount warehouse store. The new one that was 4 times as much money as the real leather sleeper sofa from craigslist ripped its' stitches about a month after we got it and I had foolishly thrown away the receipt so there was nothing that could be done about it. So, I am angry at that couch and hate it so much that it was so cheaply made and I spent LONG SAVED, HARD EARNED money on something that wouldn't even last a MONTH that I was too angry about it to blog it. UGH. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the couches- and I will be stitching the dark one back together someday. ;-)

Catie- thank you!

Renata- I don't know. Ineke may have Matt's eyes. I have a hard time telling- many people think so, but sometimes it seems like they are spaced far apart like mine too. Who knows. Ahhhh- the renovating of a house. Horrible and wonderful at the same time! Sounds like you are entering the wonderful part- yay!

Hanson said...

You should listen to the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack. They talk about a double chin and the poor man says something like, "If I were a rich man, I would have a wife with a proper double chin." :)

Abigail said...

My own husband is Very, Very Rich. ;)
(The greedy pig, hoarding all the wealth...)

Abigail said...

p.s. And I'm so glad to see that picture of Ineke on her baptismal day! She is sweet, sweet.