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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 3 No Grocery Challenge and a Spittlebug

I added a bit of color-coding.  Mainly because it is more fun to look at- but also, it may give you (and myself) an idea where things are coming from.  
                  *Homecanned       *Emptying Freezer       *From Our Milk Cow 
Breakfast~ scrambled eggs, onion queso blanco
Lunch~ sandwiches 
Dinner~ Leftovers, garlic foccacia bread

Breakfast~ banana bread, vanilla yogurt
Lunch~ grilled mozzerella cheese sandwiches on homemade bread
Dinner~ Sausage Gravy over toast (milk, sausage), peas, applesauce

Breakfast~ "White Mules" (scrambled eggs topped with leftover sausage gravy)
Lunch~ tomato soup (milk)
Dinner~ Chicken, broccoli and ham pockets (cheese, meats, broccoli) (Made enough pizza dough to freeze so I won't have to make it on Friday night.)

Breakfast~ banana bread, yogurt
Lunch~ beans and rice
Dinner~ Turkey Sloppy Joe on a few rolls passed along by my MIL, green beans, fruit salad, bean/rice/sweet potato concoction using leftovers from lunch that really wasn't all that great and so will be used in another capacity-probably bean soup.

Breakfast~ cinnamon raisin oatmeal
Lunch~ chicken nuggets (We were uptown right smack dab in the middle of lunch.  BK is having a nuggets special of 10 for $1.49.  I didn't have storebought bread to make sandwiches and I didn't want to get home just to have to cook something up and then have the children wait until 2:30ish to eat lunch. 'Nuff said.  Don't judge.)
Dinner~ Pizza night!  Carrot Sticks.

Breakfast~ yogurt, buttered toast
Lunch~ bean and sausage soup (using Thursday's leftover beans and rice)
Dinner~ eggs topped with peppers, onions and cheese.  Ham. (Matt made supper because I was gone all day visiting with my Opa.)

Breakfast~ cornmeal mush (milk)
Lunch~ queso blanco cheese, apple slices, meat sticks
Dinner~ went to an ice-skating party.  Burgers were served.  I brought the cocoa and whipped cream. 


~ Three jars of Ghee from butter in freezer
~ Hot Cocoa with whipped cream
~ 5 qts chicken stock, canned
~ 5 qts canned chicken, canned
~ hot cocoa with whipped cream
~ apple cider
~ buttermint icecream


By Monday, we had used up all our storebought bread.  It's homemade bread from here on out.  I also discovered we had only about 1/4 cup vegetable oil and olive oil left.  (Not so good for bread baking, huh?) I did find a large olive oil container down cellar but I wonder if I should use expensive olive oil instead of veggie oil or if I should just go buy some cheap veggie oil?  Using olive oil alone is the more expensive of the options so I may go to the store and get some.  Salt is nearly gone and only enough citric acid for ONE MORE cheese recipe.  These are necessities, people.

We haven't had fresh fruit or vegetables for what feels like forever.  We have been eating carrots and apples- but we are down to the last few carrots.  One more pizza nights' worth.

While we have been eating out of the freezer more this week, I am still using up the more simple things like vegetables and sausage.  This is because the main chest freezer (which holds all of our meats) has been inaccessible due to a very fragile, very bulky, in-process stained glass project of mine that must be moved in order to open the freezer lid.  It is hard to move so I have avoided moving it...and thus, have not been able to use up those meats like I have hoped.  The other day I cleared a spot in my room to move the project and now the freezer lid is free for the opening.  Hopefully this week I will be able to use up some meats and inventory the freezer.   It is, after all, the end of February!

My precious Ghirardelli chips were gone at the beginning of the week and it has been basically excruciating since then.  I didn't realize just how many of those little suckers I ate each day but let's just say that after every meal and before bed I have had crazy urges to go get a handful.  Chocolate!  I need chocolate!!!   It's probably a very good thing that they are gone.  But breaking that addiction has been (still is) PAINFUL. It makes me wonder if after I get accustomed to NOT eating them, if I should even buy them.  I shouldn't.  But I still might.  ;-)

I was terrible at photographing food this week and wish the days were longer and the light was lasting... instead of food, you get photos of a spittlebug.  

Things to buy in March:

vegetable oil
dried minced onion
garlic powder
citric acid
frozen veggies: peas
BREAD.  Oh yes, I am.
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