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Monday, May 09, 2016

For the (Grand) Moms : May 9

I prefer more spontaneous, living moments shots of my children so I hardly ever take staged photos of them.


Both Grandmothers have been after me for quite some time about getting some up-to-date photos of the children on their walls.  The last ones were back in 2012.  (And I understand their long-suffering since, as homeschoolers, we don't give them school pictures every year.)  That is what they got for Mother's Day this year.

I had a hard time deciding between Ineke's Inquisitive-Sumo-Wrestler look and her Subdued-Pretending-she-is-shy smile so I post them both here.   I am pretty sure the Sumo Wrestler won out for the walls though.

I could post 10 more too, because every picture I take of Ineke is just so darn cute.  (I know, it's a mother thing.)

The day I chose for photos was pretty impromptu and very last minute (READ: if I didn't do it that day, they wouldn't be ready in time for Mother's Day.) Not the best strategy in the world.  The day turned out to be the coldest, dampest, darkest and most dreary day this spring!  You can see from  scrolling through the pictures, that the storm got progressively worse throughout the 'photo shoot' as the lighting got darker and darker.

Along with the individual childrens' photos, Matt's Mom wanted a picture of all the cousins together.  Because of the pouring down rain, it had to be under the porch instead of in front of a barn...but you get the drift.  Ah well- they were all looking at the camera.  (Sort of.)

All the little Newmans...

And because the photographers' helper requested them: 


Full of Grace said...

Beautiful Posed photos- All of them! And you could have posted the 10 more, we love seeing that cherubic face :)

Rochelle Hume said...

I have been following your blog for the last 9 years. Through all the ups and downs in my life, the pain of divorce and embracing the joy of single working mom life. I have seen your beautiful children grow up and you have opened your home to me, even if it is through a blog. Thank you for 9 beautiful years. God bless you and your family with unlimited blessings!...rochelle

Rebecca said...

Rochelle- what a wonderfully kind and thoughtful comment. THANK you for brightening my day so much with those words. (And on a morning when I could most use a bit of encouragement...) May the Lord bless you in your work for your family and give you joys unmeasurable. Thank you so much for writing!

Christina Gomez said...


Christina Gomez said...


Marlene Bibby said...

Lots of blessings pictured here. Love it!!

SimpleFarmMama said...

You are a fantastic photographer. "School" pictures wouldn't hold a candle to these. I know your mothers were proud of their beautiful grandchildren pictures!