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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another Romper (or two)

This Saturday is the Newman reunion we host every year.  And, well, I'm not ready.  At all.

I am making progress on the outfits I wanted to sew for all the girls.  When I get them done, maybe I can start thinking about the food.  And, with five children, who would clean the house ahead of time ANYWAY?!?  That most definitely needs to happen at the very.last.minute.

I finished Colette's romper which I love almost more than Ineke's.  I just love the pretty lace on it.

  Here is a sneak peek of the finished romper with Ineke modeling it.

I do hope to get a picture of Colette wearing it but you know how busy hosting can be...I almost never bring out the camera when there are people to see me.

I used the same pattern for this romper as I did for Ineke's (Simplicity Vintage Baby 1600) but heavily modified it for the look I wanted.  The "look" was decided upon when I saw this a.dor.able romper on Pinterest.  Seriously?!?!?  Aren't they the cutest?  Every single version I've seen!  So I copied it as best I could.

I was going to make a dress for Adele' since she is my dress girl.  I was thinking one like this.  (Again, it would have been fudged.)  But the girl has her heart set on those trendy rompers that are cool these days.

We had a conversation about it which went something like this...

Adele' with an air of wistfulness as she sighs: " Oh Mama...I do wish I could wear one of those rompers that girls my age wear too.  I'd like that dress, but oh...I wish I could wear one of those...I've always wanted one of them."

Me:  "Yes, I know you love girl rompers- but so many of them are super short...I don't know if I want you wearing something super short like that.  Little girls are a different story but you are getting to be a big girl now..."

Adele', with more than a hint of desperation: "Well, that's just it!  You can sew the shorts so they won't be so short.  And anyway... I am going to be NINE this year.  I don't have very much 'little girl' time left and then I'll be too big and I'll NEVER be able to wear a romper in my whole LIFE!"

Me (thinking): "Now that is just unfair.  And boy, is she goooooood."

So a romper it is.  (Because she has so little time left!)

I will be using the free romper pattern from Purl Soho, modified to have a look more like this and this.  Hopefully, all will go well.  I still love the dress.

Corynn (because she's all cool and grown up now) wants a shirt like this and a hairband for herself and one for her cousin.

And then that fabric will be all used up except a few scraps that I probably won't want to see for a couple years.  ;-)

That was on the agenda today but I didn't get completely done.  Hopefully, I'll be done all of the sewing tomorrow so I can pack away the sewing stuff and get cooking and cleaning.   (Lots of food to make, but I am mostly thinking about the desserts: cream puffs as well as blueberry and lemon meringue pies.)

And there may also be some painting.  Matt wants to paint the railings of the porch.  Twice over.  By SATURDAY.   In between raindrops (which are coming down every few hours or so).

And have you seen the size of our porch?!?

That's a lot of spindles, my friends.  A WHOLE LOTTA spindles.

It will be nothing short of a miracle if they are painted by Saturday.

And I am pretty sure I have never dreaded anything more.

Oh yes- I am still on my Great Depression kick as far as reading goes.  That (in the picture above) and A Square Meal are keeping me pretty busy right now during the few minutes I have to read before I conk out each night.  ;-)


Unknown said...

I can't wait to see all the outfits! So sweet! Beautiful home,beautiful family. Have a wonderful time! Christina

debbie said...

I bought that same book

Unknown said...

Your last letter from EONS ago is sitting here staring at me. You are next! SOON! :) That is just so darling - I love all the clothing you sew! :)

Unknown said...

That was me. :P Amy

Abigail said...

These days Millie keeps checking your blog before I get to it, but at least I comment first. So there!

This romper is painfully cute. I have the exact same romper picture saved in my romper inspiration stash, but I wasn't sure I'd be able to figure out how to sew the thing. You'll have to give me an in-person tutorial, yes? I love how it turned out, and that lace is simply beautiful. You did a marvelous job! Surely it wouldn't harm Ineke to have two Mama-made rompers, would it?! (I won't tell Colette.)

Can't wait to see the rest, and good luck on your preparations for Saturday! The same rain that is allowing me to justify not weeding the lower garden today is probably giving you reason not to paint those spindles. Live it up!

Terri Cheney said...

Your Adele has the most persuasive argument EVER....How can we argue with those little girls who want to remain little girls while they can? Sponge rollers do WONDers with railing spindles. I know this well.

Stephanie said...

Oh Wow!! You are simply amazing. Host a family reunion, sewing dresses, and making all the food???? You're just amazing. I'm really glad I found this blog. I'm not done reading it all, but it really is a joy filled spot. Thanks for sharing part of your beautiful world.

Rebecca said...

Stephanie~ ha! Not at all amazing Stephanie...though I do *try* my best (and fail, unfortunately) at the joy-filled.

PS. Everyone brought a dish to pass which lightened my load considerably. ;-)

Glad you stopped by- do come again!

Leah said...

The outfits for Ineke and Colette are so precious! And the conversation with Adele is just too sweet! How can our "little" girls be getting so big?! Oh, how I'd love another little one to wear girl rompers all over again. I need to pull out my sewing machine and start sewing. Hannah wants some summer dresses and nightgowns.

Anonymous said...

One of the books in the same series is "When the Banks Closed, We Opened Our Hearts". My 11 year old loves those books! So do I.