What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, July 31, 2017


This person got tired of NOT painting.

This is what you see when you look down on the bridge.  

Still evidences of porch painting, I see.


Thanks for taking our photo, Rebecca!

Almost done... a hot and tired boy takes a break.

And after the hike, swimming!  

A lot less hot and tired now!
Aunt Rebecca let us borrow her underwater camera- which is just TOO fun!

We took two group photos (you know, in case anyone had the audacity to blink) and I love them both because I just love Andrew's little shadow right up front and center.


Lookie, lookie at what we got done before the weekend...

 The kids and I grabbed the bull by the horns on the first dry day last week and painted porch spindles and railings from morning until evening- getting the whole porch done in time to surprise Papa when he got home from work.   (Reason # 3,972 for having children: many hands make light work.)  There was plenty of Johnny Cash and JJHeller being belted out from children and Mama at different points throughout the day-and a bit of Gone Away Lake to keep our sanity.  We were paint splotched from head to toe by the end and our knees and wrists were sore (or maybe just mine because I am an old lady...) but it's DONE!!! (Hallelujah!)

When Matt pulled into the driveway, we all stood waiting expectantly for his amazed expression but he didn't even notice the porch pulling in!  That had more to do with the caliber of his day at work than the finished product; when he finally realized the porch was done, his reaction was well worth the effort.

The day before the reunion, the children and I played hookie with some family/friends and took a road trip to The Watkins Glen Gorges for the day.  I think everyone would agree: hiking and swimming is a much better way to spend a day than preparing for a party. And everything wound up getting done in plenty of time on Saturday morning anyway.

The waters were murky due to all the recent downpours and flooding.  But, truth be told, we are all a bit murky these days.  Our hometown was hit especially hard with rains (in one night it rained 7 1/2 inches!) and many people have been affected with flooding and water damage- some losing their homes, some salvaging their homes through the silt.  So we won't hold that against Watkins Glen.  Still so beautiful.

At the reunion, I served marinated chicken and home-grown steaks (trying to empty out our freezer in time for another cow to go in it this fall), jalapeno popper dip with veggies and tortilla chips, summer squash casserole, marinated cucumbers, cream puffs and blueberry pie.  (When I heard about all the other desserts people were bringing, I decided to put the lemon meringue pie on hold for another day.) Everyone else brought even more food (to much deliciousness to describe); my parents-in-law grilled the best corn on the cob you ever did eat, the highlight of the reunion every year.

Of course, I got no pictures of the food because- well, once the party starts silly things like that don't happen. But I *did* get a picture of all the girls in their matchy matchy outfits.  Which makes me supremely happy.  Barefoot beauties, all in a row.  Love it.


Unknown said...

Love all of it! Thankyou for sharing! The rompers are especially sweet with the lace. I like how you did a collar and headband for Corriynn. It must of been a wonderful time!

Unknown said...

Forgot to sign my name , Christina gomez

Amy Marie said...

Yay! A smashing success as all your parties are, dear Rebecca! :) :D Of course, I don't see the inevitable moments of spills, etc - that first photo of Hopestead behind the bee balm? was just GORGEOUSNESS!

I came over to answer your question regarding my excessive reading, LOL! ;) I *CAN* read with children around and do...I read while cooking (no joke), in the bathroom, sitting around,while riding with Amos, in a box, and with a fox. ;) So, I get a lot done in the little snatches of times of the day.

The other very obvious reason to me ;), is that I'm not homesteading like you!!!!!!! You are canning, sewing, freezing, gardening, photo editing etc etc etc into infinity. ;) In that time, I'm reading. LOL! It's kind of my only hobby/thing I do beside relationships with God, Amos, and the children, and homeschooling. I sort of put a hold on some of the things I enjoy to invest in the homeschooling, we still do all those things, but just occasionally, not really living a lifestyle of it. So I think it's just a matter of perspective...I have friends who enjoy a regular tv series, I rarely watch ANY tv or movies, because I'd like to be reading, writing, or on social media, especially instagram. :P For every thing we say yes too, we are really saying no to something else, right? So, when I'm baking a lot or sewing etc, I don't get much reading done. But I usually prioritize reading, because it mentally fills me up, recharges, challenges, and grows me like nothing else. I also am a pretty fast reader, although I do miss things sometimes by plowing through stuff. So that can be a blessing and curse.

Anyway, all that to say, that's how I read a lot. ;)

Annie saw the photo of Corynn and excitedly wanted me to tell you to say hi to her from Annie! :)

Abigail said...

Wow, I didn't realize what a change white spindles would make in Hopestead's appearance! They brighten up the whole home! Well done, Newman children + Mama.

Adele's romper is just ruffly enough. Perfect! Everything turned out so nicely, AND you had hours to spare. In my book, that's a near miraculous event. And, now, time for a breather? Ha! Who am I kidding? ;)

(And now I want lemon meringue pie. All it took was one brief mention, and boom!)