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Friday, February 13, 2009

Because you asked...

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Several of you have asked about an update on Adele's hearing test, which suprises me. In a good way. It still amazes me, four years later, that my blog can be considered interesting by anyone other than me-and that people actually KNOW about my life and want to take part in it. So, thank you~ for remembering and knowing those things that have been happening in my life and being interested. It is a really nice feeling.

Last Monday, ironically the week that Matt was away, Adele' had her third hearing test. Besides a momentary blip of response in her right ear, there was nothing. That little blip, though, was greeted with such enthusiasm by the screener that for a brief moment my hopes went up-only to be shattered by the sheepish response of the screener that "oh. Oops. I THOUGHT the ear was responding but the machine must have been responding to an electrical charge or something. These things happen from time to time." The poor girl felt bad about getting me all fired up just to let me down again so there are no hard feelings. It wasn't as if she was dashing my hopes on PURPOSE, she was genuinely excited when she thought that it was actual ear response.

Truth is, I had mentally prepared myself for the fact that she would fail again so I was better able to react in a positive way. I praise God for that, especially with Matt being away and all.

On the 24th, Adele' will go to a bonafide audiologist to have more extensive testing done. It is a lengthier test, will require more from her, and instead of cute little earcups being stuck to her head, little devices will be placed inside her ear. A bit more invasive and bothersome, so I am really not looking forward to it. The test though, will give us a much better idea of how "bad" her right ear is and how "good" her left ear is.

Hearing aids are incredibly expensive, especially considering Adele' would need several in her lifetime as she outgrows them. I don't know that this would be an option for us. I don't know all the options or the extent of them and I am trying not to make up hypothetical solutions until I know just exactly what might be required. So-I await this testing with anticipation (though not eager) and pray fervently that whatever the outcome, we will be given the wisdom and means to make the right decisions concerning our wee one.

She deserves the best, that's for sure.
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