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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The tradition lives on~ beard in winter, clean-shaven for birthday presents...only this year, I got the surprise of a lifetime when Matt walked out of the bathroom one fine evening and shocked the socks off me with his handsome, smooth face. Four full days BEFORE his birthday!

This man is turn-your-head, heart pitter-pat gorgeous with or without a beard~but I just love to be able to feel SKIN when we kiss and not coarse beard hairs. JUST me.

That got me to thinking...am I the only one?!?

Let's test the theory...

Nope, it seems unanimous.

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Tracy said...

Adele is just adorable! Verne never grows a full beard, but I hate stubble! It looks handsome enough, but when it's kissin' time, I prefer a smooth face.

Kalona said...

I love pictures of daddies loving their babies. So sweet. And your guy is very handsome.

Amanda said...

Amazing photos!! Adele is so pretty and what a difference shaving makes! Your husband is very handsome...and I agree iwth what Tracy said in her comment...I LOVE a smooth, just-shaved face!!

I can't wait to take pictures of my dh with the new baby after he/she arrives! He's going to have to get over his dislike of the camera for this baby!! ;)

Charree said...

What precious pictures. Adele is just pretty as she can be.

amy said...

I visit often without commenting, but I had to speak up now... :) I so understand! My husband just shaved off his beard, and, oh how it makes me smile!

Michelle said...

What a nice present for you! :) (Happy early birthday, Mr. Newman!)

I, too, hate the stubble. This is one of the times I am thankful Dave went back in the military. He is required to be clean-shaven and shaves every day but Saturday.

Adele is looking so much bigger. They grow so fast!