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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Little Miss: Usually not a math fan, now LOVES math when it comes in the form of candy hearts. and REAL Coins. and her own Puppy/Kitty Calendar. And her new most favoritist thing to read is~ riddles! Short enough not to be frustrating, and funny enough to keep her itching for more. Still, Mama-read stories win out every time from the stories she reads herself.

She now puts her own clean clothes away-and often begs to do Adele's things also. This turns out to be a tremendous help to me, since I only have to lug Matt's clothing and mine back upstairs.

She wakes up every morning to give Papa a hug and kiss goodbye. No matter how early.

The Panda: Has been in big boy undies for about a month now and even wears big boy britches to BED. How cool is THAT?!?

Is a very creative draw-er and an even more dramatic explainer of his drawings. Someday I will have to videotape it. Every time he explains a drawing he cracks me up.

Can count up to 30?!?! I know not how.

Follows me down to the woodstove every single time I have to feed it.

Bunkin: is now a THUMB sucker?!? I don't know how or why-but by golly...she's hooked! I've never had one of those and find it all-together endearing. And for about four days I haven't heard a peep from her.

Has moved beyond the smiling phase and on a good day~even gives one hearty chuckle. She is also googling a fair amount, and I caught it on tape. Forthcoming. ;-)

Has the cutest little pout mouth. EVER.
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Carrie J said...

They are growing up fast. I drop by and read your blog about once a month. I enjoy your photography very much as I am a photographer wanna-be. Little girl looks a lot like her big sis.

Tracy said...

my abigail was a thumb sucker, too. I also found it endearing. Oh, so cute!

Pink Panda said...

I guess I felt a chat, but how is Adele's little hearing? Will she need a hearing aid do you think? What's going on there?

Elizabeth said...

Boy, that last picture made me take a second glance- I could have sworn I was looking at Christiana! She looks quite a bit like that when she is sleeping!!! I guess not only will the cousins be close in age, but might look similar as well :)

Mom2fur said...

Isn't it amazing how many wonderful things you can find in your kids at every age. Hooray for thumbsucking babies--I hear it's good for them. And gosh, how cute is she?
That is so cool about Panda being out of diapers, even at night.
And math is always much more fun with candy, LOL! Sounds like Little Miss is really progressing. My daughter struggled with math for years. I remember playing 'store' with her when she was about 8, and letting her use real money to 'buy' things. She just didn't get it. Now, at 24, well...you've never met a better shopper/bargain hunter!
Here's a riddle for Little Miss:
What's the difference between a piano and a fish?
You can tuna piano, but you can't tuna fish!

Tash said...

Love those pictures! They are great. My new little one it seems is becoming a thumb sucker too, I am not sure whether to be concerned (you can't get rid of a thumb, but you can a paci) or endeared. It sure is sweet.