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Monday, February 23, 2009

Splittin' Wood

Since we got our woodstove, which *still* seems surreal to me, we have had to split wood every other weekend in order to have supply enough to burn for two weeks.

Now, anyone with half a brain knows that seasoned wood is best to burn in your woodstove, and those who are wise split a years supply of wood the season BEFORE you need it, so it can properly "cure".

But WE, on the other hand, had opportunity to get a woodstove and install it (along with a chimney) only a month before winter hit hard-so, obviously, we didn't have the luxury of working ahead.

We don't burn "green wood" (that's a no-no): it has been cut for a long time (logs cut into workable "chunks") but the splitting of the wood from "chunks" into pieces is a rather long process, and requires more than just a one-time work day. Especially to heat this monstrosity of a house.

So, as I was saying, Matt heads out there every other weekend to restock our wood supply. Sometimes, his dad helps him. Other times, I do. But the hardest worker is always Matt.

The wood splitter is actually a makeshift Mcgyver contraption using a lawn mower engine and a hyrdaulic pump. For the record, I just IM'ed Matt at work to ask what the "pump thingie" was. (just keepin' it real, folks)

Sometimes you get a stubborn log and Matt, with his strong Man-arms has to show it a thing or two.

Oh yeah! You TELL 'em Mattie!

And sure enough~ he gets that piece of wood to submit to him, right and proper.

But most of the time it works splittingly well. (Ha! I crack myself up!) HA HA! CRACK myself up! hehe


Bonnie said...

Ah yes, I do so enjoy watching Braden chop wood. But when he catches me watching, I get the Broadway version, complete with song and dance.
I am jealous of your stove being in use right now, we haven't used ours this year, as we are very low on wood.
We used to go to my brothers, but since he and his wife are heating with wood now, we don't want to impose. We did buy a load a few years ago, but must of that is to long to fit in the stove, and we gave it away.Plus it was not real good heat giving wood. Boy I miss the smell. And watching my Brawney husband.
Loved all the pictures!

Wood Splitter said...

Good job on the home made splitter, how many tons of force does it have? I know i will never go back to the axe ever again. My 12-ton wood splitter does great!