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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

As for me....

Our nightly garden visits are yielding baskets-full.

Apparently, I can grow more than lettuce (something I have been curious about asI harvested spinach, lettuce, and more spinach and lettuce just a few weeks ago!)

I've been enjoying the fresh from the garden goodness and the challenge of USING it all, for now and preserving it for later.

Last week I had to thin out the beets and used the beet greens. Dumb Blonde Rebecca never knew people actually ATE the beetgreens! *blush*

These days I feel very "vegetarian"ish.

Well....not QUITE.
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Bonnie said...

I think, no I KNOW I would grow beets just to make that decadent looking dish. I mean, it has bacon, what else do you need?
What do beets taste like? It is one of the few vegetables my mom doesn't like, so I've never had them.
Your letter will be sent tomorrow, as the mail man decided to change things up and come hours early these last 2 days....

Peggy said...

Umm, beets! They are so good but no one in my family likes them so I enjoy alone!!

Do you have a lot of tomatoes? They are really good to dry! We just found out that the apples at our place in NY are really good. I know the deer love them! It you know anything about revitalizing an old apple orchard we would love to hear it! As you well know we are in the research stage right now... I don't know what varieties they are, just old..

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!! and veggies!!

Wendy said...

I LOVE beets...but have never tried the greens...that looks really delish though...I would definately try THAT!!! My grandma tells a story similar to yours...she used to cut the tops off of the Asparagus...!!! Do you like asparagus? I have never heard you talk about that.

Grandma Bibby said...

You sound like Jean. She has been putting zucchini in everything!

...they call me mommy... said...

WOW! Beautiful garden treasures! :0)