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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Foto {Weekend}

Foto Fridays are becoming *very* unreliable these days, aren't they? At least I am posting something at SOME point this weekend, very unlike last weekend--I just realized TODAY that I never posted anything last week! Yikes.

I think part of it is because....I don't think I know anything else. I've been scrambling my brains trying to come up with SOMETHING else to tell you about taking photos~when I realized, of all the tidbits~I never did share with you my one great passion.

Macro (Up close) photography.

I use the term LOOSELY, mind you, since I have no macro lens~ but even without the "big guns" I find myself drawn to those super-close-up viewpoints.

To me, the camera is my microscope~I notice things more through the lens of a camera~the silk of a petal, the dust of a moth, the sparkle of a dewdrop, the twirl of a spiders web...

Each time, my breath is taken away at the awesomeness of this world and it's Creator.

With or without a macro lens, a close-up shot will give you a more intimate, detailed picture of your subject, even if it is of a smaller portion of your subject. With an added bonus, mind you, of keeping your background uncluttered!

I found a few examples in my Picasa archives of a single subject, taken with both far away and up close vantage points.

Perhaps they may convince you to get up close and personal with your subjects.

Of course, one of my favorite subjects is flowers...

The photos taken with a further perspective are nice but you would entirely miss the gently curled silk of the narcissus petals and the texture of the yellow insides of a waterlily had you not actually looked that deeply into the subject.

And my other favorite subject: my lovelies.

Was Adele' really that small once upon a time?!?

Can you tell the difference between photos? Do the more up close photos have a more professional air about them?

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It is worth it to get up close and personal every once in a while (or more)~and to notice the little things about your subject that might be hastily overlooked any other time.

If only because~ sometimes the littlest things are the most magnificent.
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