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Friday, August 28, 2009

The youngest of the bunch....

In lieu of Foto Friday this week, I am going to share some takes from a recent photo shoot.

On our trip, I purposed to shoot five girls (with a camera, that is) because....well:

1) They were willing
2) I need the practice
3) Two are seniors
4) Because who can STOP me when I am behind a camera?!?

One "working woman" had to have her photo shoot alone, but the other four all had a fun, energetic photo shoot together which I thought worked out wonderfully. They were all eager to pose, but the others were occupied with chitchat while I worked with my "model" so she never became uncomfortable with stares and silence. It was relaxed, low-key, and the smiles came all the more naturally around friends. PERFECT!

I took A.LOT. of photos and I will spare you all the redundancies (I am going to TRY to limit to five pictures per girl. TRY.) I'll cover them in the course of next week but I thought I would share the two youngest girls today.

Meet Caitlyn:

~ her smile just doesn't stop, so she actually found it challenging to have a more serious face. I personally liked seeing BOTH sides of her.

Meet Megan:

~She is quieter and (dare I say) shy so I was surprised she let me get all in her face with my camera. But she was a great sport. Thanks, Megan!

Look at those eyes! WOWZA!

Megan and Caitlyn are best friends and have been since I've known them.

So I thought it fitting they both share the frame a few times.

The one below is my total favorite though~ because it so perfectly reflects their different personalities.


...they call me mommy... said...


Bonnie said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures!

Nanci said...


Peggy said...

Wow, talk about beautiful pictures and beautiful young ladies! Where were you when I was looking for senior pictures and wedding pictures? Ha, ha. OH yeah we hadn't met and well I'm not sure but I think you may have just a little to little to lugging a camera around back when I was a senior!

Enjoy your weekend!! It's fall here. In one week our trees all changed... Please pray the snow doesn't come for a long while or the cold. I think I would literally break down in tears if that happened too soon..

megan said...

Thanks for doing the pics i like them alot!Now i finally have some pics of me that i like!