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Friday, January 08, 2010

Foto Friday~the first of the New Year!!!

It's Foto Friday here again, the first of 2010!

We took a break for the holidays with the plan to share a few exceptional shots on our first Foto Friday back.

I was so busy during the holidays, I didn't get a single shot that was exceptional. Nor did I try.

I had to scrounge around to find SOMETHING holiday-ish to post.

A bad case of grand plans that never got set into motion.

So here they are.

One particularly white snowstorm, we were playing outside when Corynn suggested we take pictures of snowflakes. Why, in all my years, had I never thought of that? I didn't think I could do much without a macro lens but gave it a shot anyway. We grabbed a black hat we had and started catching. Have you ever taken a close look at a SINGLE snowflake? I was shocked to find out you could see details even with the naked eye! After such an amazing (and elightening) activity, I promised there are going to be lots more snowflake studying and photographing this winter. I would love to do a better job capturing their beauty. So thanks to my six-year old for being MY teacher!

Reading in the glow of the tree.

We went to an amazing Museum at Christmastime (more on that to come) and I LOVED this display. Truly stunning.

Let's see who else has something to share!!

For those of you new to this blog (or to Foto Friday's in general), each Friday we get a new photo challenge to work on for the week and we post our photos the next Friday and link back up here. The goal is to get behind your camera and to begin, as you practice, to view subjects in a different light. To extend yourself and your concepts and ideas. To create ART instead of just snapping a picture. And to do it all while having FUN.

You may use the above button within your post and your link must be a DIRECT link to the post, not just to your blog. (That way-if newcomers check out old links they will still be directed to the actual photos and not a completely unrelated, albeit current post.) Because of the nature of the challenges, I would encourage you to challenge yourself WITHIN that Foto Friday week and not dig through archives for appropriate photos, after all, the point is to EXTEND ourselves.

I can say from experience, you start participating in Foto Friday's, not only will you get lots of practice but you will get a whole lotta support and encouragement dumped on you in the meantime. We have got a great group of cheerleaders here.

This week's challenge is...............................................


oh RATS. I just USED my snowflake photo!!!! argh

See you on Friday!!!! :-)


Bonnie said...

Great pictures Rebecca!
Hmm. Snow. I would have had a great one for that if I had taken a picture, but I was too busy vacuuming. Lets just say it involved a boy who was NOT napping, and a bottle of baby powder.
(Mama Look! I maked it snow!)

Tiffany said...

Oh, these are gorgeous!!! I love your shots. {grin}

Bonnie said...

P.S. That snowflake shot is incredible!

Tracy said...

I love the snowflake, Rebecca! And it seems that great minds think alike again, with our last photos.

Michelle said...

I love the snowflake photo! I will just admire from afar, though, because, despite what the weathermen have said about possible flurries here, I don't think that's a' happenin'...

I remember several years ago, holding my uncle's cat who was jet black outside while it was snowing. I was so amazed that I could see all those snowflakes in such detail as they landed on the cat's fur! How many people take the TIME to watch something like that? We're too busy!

Wishing you all a lovely new year. I must email you my new address. Maybe I should just get off my hide and write you an actual letter! ;)

...they call me mommy... said...

Um...boy, I feel embarrassed! I forgot that today was the day! DOH! :) I do have some holiday photos lurking...I'll see if I can get them up later! Great shots Rebecca! Love the snowflake and the hubby & kids by the tree especially!


Kris in TN said...

Check out www.snowflakebentley.com for some great links on photographing snowflakes. He was one of the first to do so. There is also a great children's picture book on him - look for it at Amazon as I can't remember the title just now. It came out about 2-3 years ago.

Peggy said...

Absolutely amazing! I'll post later this weekend as my sweet baboo is bringing in A-bags (military aircrew bags) out of the "barn" to be gone through... Plus the suitcases. Do you think that may be a hint? ha ha!!

Toodles until later! (oh you should see the moon shots I got this morning.. there will be tons of pictures in two weeks.

Rebecca said...

Bonnie~that certainly SOUNDS photo worthy! :-)

Thanks Tiffany!

Michelle~ yes-you DO need to get me your new addy. And some new baby photos too....since I am putting in my order! ;-)

Amy~it snuck up on me too. I probably wouldn't have even posted it except Matt was later getting home than originally planned. :-)

Peggy~ I can't WAIT to see the moon! I love moon pictures! Hope the packing/sorting isn't getting too overwhelming for you.
Kris! We have READ that book! We read it last year and I *think* that is what gave Corynn the brilliant idea. I wanted to borrow it from the library again but I couldn't remember his name. So thanks! And thank you for the link-I was serious when I said it is my own personal challenge. :-)

Devildogwife said...

Ooops! Forgot that we were doing the holidays this week. I'll try to get something up in the next few days. We've got company, so it will be delayed.

Love the snowflake shot. I doubt we'll be able to do the challenge for next week 'cause, well, there just isn't any snow around here. ;) I'll try to come up with something. lol!

Rebecca said...

Hey there---it doesn't have to be LITERAL snow, you know, devildogwife. winky wink.

I am playing around with snow options too, just because I don't want to get COLD while taking the pictures. ;-)

Bonnie said...

Paper snowflakes?

Wendy said...

Great pics Rebecca! I loved the snow flake as well..that is one of my favorite things in winter...examining the flakes :-) I will try my best to do the foto friday....seems it is getting busier for me somehow....