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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm a mean one, Mrs. Grinch

This ain't happy, clappy people.

It has been ONE of those days, let me tell you.

* I spent the wee dark hours of late night working on that very secret, very exciting and way-more-fun-than-deepcleaning project I was alluding to the other day only to discover that thanks to our badly lit house, all the things I was working on are rendered useless. I can't explain it exactly, without giving it away and I DID want to make a grand show of it when I DO give it away....so suffice it to say, I have wasted plenty of money, plenty of time and plenty of supplies on worthlessness. NOT a pleasant feeling, let me just say.

*A certain six-year old wet the bed last night. Ummmm....SIX? How and WHY did THAT happen? So after getting all caught up on laundry yesterday (EVERYTHING) this morning I had to do a load. (Because if you are changing one bed~might as well change them all.)

*I went to the bank today to do our whole "withdrawing money for envelopes" thing-which, due to the nature of the different envelopes having different quantities, requires you to actually GO into the bank and hand them a pretty little note saying how many of each type of bill you need-only to find out that I arrived 5 minutes TOO late. We live in the country, people! The bank is 25 minutes away! I bundled up all the chilluns', loaded 'em in the car and drove down the road only to arrive to a LOCKED door. COME ON!

*I hopped into the grocery store because I needed some milk, bread and mozzerella (for tomorrow's pizza night) and heavy whipping cream because I decided that in celebration of Matt's homecoming, we would make some homemade icecream. I got the bread and the milk and even the mozzerella but didn't remember until I was nearly home, the heavy whipping cream. The ONE time I don't make a list..... I spent the rest of the car ride TRYING to be convinced to turn around and to drive back 20 minutes to pick some up by the persistent little buggars in the backseat. arg.

*Matt has been doing a FABULOUS job calling me all the time and I love it. But I *HATE* it. I am SO SICK of talking to him through a machine. I am SO sick of sleeping alone. I am SO SICK of inhaling his scent off of a white t-shirt everynight. I want the REAL deal. And I want it N.O.W

*Andrew came downstairs in a ballet costume dress with a PONY tail in his hair today. Enough said.

And finally~

*I discovered that the red and sore eye I had last night, the one that I chalked up to staying up too late all week is actually PINK EYE. How a secluded homeschooling mother gets pink eye I will never know. And oh yeah- I haven't had an eye appointment in years so I don't have a pair of glasses to wear while my eyes heal. And oh yeah. I don't go to the doctors unless I am in the midst of pushing out a child, so I have no doctor to see either. And OH YEAH~ I don't want to wrestle three children in a doctors office all by my lonesome for pink eye while simultaneously exposing them to every disease imaginable while they play with H1N1 toys at a walk-in. (and okay, I am being a BIT melodramatic....but just a bit.) Still, not my idea of a good time. Any home remedies for pink eye? Anyone? ANYONE?!?!

So yeah-this is one night I am going to go to bed early and thank the Lord that the day is over and done with.

Tomorrow, Mattie comes home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris said...

Aww Rebecca I'm so sorry. I can help with the ice cream at least. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Vanilla-Ice-Cream-VI/Detail.aspx This is the recipe I use and it is really really good.

In cattle we often use salt water, heavy on the salt, for pink eye. I've heard that it works for people too, but have never tried it.

Hang in there!

Mrs. Bowen said...

His mercies are new every morning- here's hoping that tomorrow is a much better day!

Mrs. Bowen

Full of Grace said...

Sorry you had such a rough day- You should have dropped them off at my house while you went to the walk-in, I mean, that is what sisters are for in the first place! Next time, PLEASE call me, I will be happy to keep an eye on the kiddos for you!!!

Hope your day is better tomorrow!!!

Devildogwife said...

Sorry to hear you had such a rough day. :(

As for the wetting the bed issue... it very well could be it was a daddy being gone thing.

Hope the dawn brings a better day, but then how could it not since your love will be coming home. ;)

Tracy said...

I've heard that you can put a few drops of contact lens solution in your eye, and that helps. Be very careful not to touch the tip of the bottle to your eye. Wash your hands CONSTANTLY. You can pass it through objects, and even pets.

Anonymous said...

For pink eye - Johnson and Johnson baby wash. Suds in your hands and rub it in your eyes and then rinse. Sounds strange but we have had several rounds with pink eye. My Aunt told me about this and it really works.

Wendy said...

Oh rebecca, what a day! I will keep you in mind today...and hope that you improve--especially with the pink eye! Remember my pink eye pics you kept asking me to stop posting...hehehe. By the way...it may NOT be pink eye...it could be a bacterial infection...in which you could probably do the same things listed here anyhow...it mimics the same of pink eye...go figure.

Christine said...

A couple drops of breast milk would get rid of the pink eye. I don't know if you have a pump, I assume you are still nursing and could somehow get some milk out. I always put a little in my babies eyes as soon as they start to get red and goopy. I learned this trick from a Lactation specialist. Also, every time my 7 year old has a big growth spurt he seems to have an "accident.";)

Martie said...

If you have Colodial Silver on hand that works just as well as an anitbiotic. Hope you are better soon!!


...they call me mommy... said...

Man! :( I didn't know if to laugh or cry or BOTH for you! That IS a rough day!

(((HUGS))) I understand!!!

Riahli said...

Sorry about the hard day...I was going to suggest the same breast milk solution for the pink eye that I saw some one else suggested. I used it to get ride of an eye infection that went around in this house a little while ago and even used it in my own eyes when they got a bit red and crusty and it worked. You really have to flush them with the milk though using a dropper or something 5 times a day if you can. I just pumped some to have on hand and warmed it a wee bit before using. I got this idea out of a book, and from my midwife. It took a few days for it to completely go away but they started getting better right away. So if you are still nursing your daughter I think this is the best solution. :) I rarely go to the doctor too, so I've had to come up with lots of alternative solutions.

Kimberly said...

Ok. This is your friendly pharmacist and I have done this to my own children. I actually learned this from the pediatrician who delivered me and retired after my first son was born 26 years ago. If you do this and go blind, I am clearly stating that I AM NOT suggesting that you do this :)
Neosporin ointment in a tube like you put on wounds contains the same active ingredients as some antibiotic eye drops. Just be VERY aseptic (meaning to rub it in and then clean your hand completely before touching the tube again or your other eye). It will be thick and goopy and cloud your vision because it is NOT made to be put in your eye. I repeat it is NOT made to be put in your eye.
I have done it many times safely. Especially when going to bed at night. Best wishes!

Lee said...

Aaaargh! I feel your pain.

Wow! I never heard of the breast milk thing for pinkeye. We generally put on a warm washcloth for a while to help keep it clean. Pinkeye is usually not bacterial and will go away on it's own. But if it doesn't, it will need antibiotics.

Nanci said...

Ahh, Rebecca, what a day!

I don't have any remedies, but I do know that not all pink-eye is contagious. There are two types of pink-eye. One is bacteria related and highly contagious; the other is really an allergic conjunctivits and is not the least bit contagious. Knowing your history it may well be the second.

Hope that tomorrow dawns sunny and bright and Trouble-free.

Love, hugs, and prayers,