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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My New House: lovingly constructed???

Andrew built a log cabin homestead yesterday. Barns, sheds, house, chicken yard: the whole nine yards. We decided we ought to take a picture so Papa could see it too.

I was mighty impressed. Partly because he is my boy, partly because he worked on this for over an HOUR steady which to me shows good attention-span and partly because Lincoln logs give me a monstrous headache. I can't do anything worthwhile with the things to save my life.

I guess it doesn't help that we have three different TYPES (the real ones and knock off's) all bought from yardsales. They don't tell you that knock-off's don't actually FIT the real ones, do they? But...that didn't stop my boy so there goes THAT line of reasoning.

I love watching him work because he becomes so serious and concentrates so hard in the midst of a project. Just look at that furrowed brow!

Baby didn't enjoy being held hostage too much, but one of HER favorite things is to knock down anything her brother is working on, so hostage she had to be. Just look at her in the background, positively salivating.

This, I am told is the house :

This, I am told, is the barn :

Let's see that again:

Hmmmm.....is it me or is there something WRONG with this picture?!?

Maybe he is thinking this through....

Nah. He WANTS his mother to live roof and wall-less. He WANTS his chickens to live like royalty. Sheesh. "After Olll that I do, after Oll I have done..." (name that movie)

One other thing I learn from these photos: poor waif needed a haircut like last MONTH.



Bonnie said...

How cute! I am very impressed with his building skills, heck I couldn't even build a log cabin to be Honey's doll house for her birthday next month.
I bought the Wal*Mart clearance knockoffs, so maybe thats why....
At last I have a Christmas present for Biscuit next year.

Very Good Andrew!

Angela Pitsch said...

This is a very similar sight to our living room at the moment. LL must be a fun winter play time for little boys ! )
I for some reason think pictures of kids toys are so interesting, partly because photos give them life like appearance. Fun pics that you took for him. Way to go mom !

Full of Grace said...

He will be a real man- loves his garage and barn better than his house ;)

Wendy said...

Apparently walls and a roof are not his priority...ha! It shows that his interests seem to be outside! He is precious beyond words!

Peggy said...

Just wait until he figures out how to build a trebuchet with tinker toys and decides to bombard the lincoln log village w/ farm animals & army men!!! Humm, my children do such a thing? Never!! LOL... We finally had to put our foot down when the lincoln logs started being used as projectiles in the trebuchet. (maybe flying army men and farm animals is one of the hazards of having all boys in a military family....)

Cara said...

I believe the movie was 'Ever After'