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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Computer Malfunctions, Foto Friday and Mossballs

I am SO sorry that Friday came and went with no Foto Friday. I tried all day on Friday to get online and my computer would have none of it. Tried on Saturday too, but to no avail. The computer would come on-the internet would be available but nothing would show.

Thank you for those of you who expressed concern. Nothing bad has happened here, except that I am reminded how unreliable technology can be. (I was reminded also how unreliable technology is not all that bad a thing every now and again, if you know what I mean.)

Whatever happened, whatever "issues" my internet was having remedied itself after a few days and so here I am, posting Foto Friday for Monday morning.

***Stay tuned, all you Foto Friday participants, for an important message at the bottom of this post.***

Last week's theme was HAPPY.

One particular photo from the week stuck out for me. This one:

The rest of the photos don't really continue with the HAPPY theme, but they do show "the rest of the story".

What is WAY better than snowball fighting, I find out? MOSS ball fights.

Not only do they not HURT like pelting with ice would, but they are fun to squish while making, they make a huge SPLAT on contact and they STICK, splattering your victim with goo. (Watching the victim try to unsmear sticky moss splatted right in the middle of their back is a riot too.) An all around FEAST of the senses. The bigger and mossier the ball, the better.

Corynn was a champion moss ball thrower and almost always hit Andrew. How could she not be, with such form?

Andrew on the other hand, threw at Corynn but unfortunately, the balls usually managed to head in the opposite direction.

Once, though, at the end of the fight, he finally GOT her...and that is where the Foto Friday HAPPY theme came in. Boy, was he.

Littlest sister was merely content to check the weird stuff out:

Anyone want to participate three days late???

~~~~~~~NOW, for an important note from our sponsors~~~~~~~har, har, har

The summer is kicking my butt, and I haven't even gotten to the BUSY part of it yet. I just don't have time like I used to (in winter) to devote to photo challenges and things. I tried changing Foto Fridays to include archives as a way to extend it, but the fact of the matter is, it is still taking up a huge chunk of time (that I don't have). From the recent wane in participation these last few weeks, I am wondering if you all might be in similar boats. Hopefully, I won't be breaking any hearts when I say that next week will be the last of the Foto Friday challenges. If not forever, at least for a good while.

BUT. The good news! To say thanks to all who participated, and to give one last big HU-RRAH before we close, I propose we have a COMPETITION!!! We will call the theme for next week's Foto Friday FAVORITES.

Post a favorite photo or photos (limit FOUR) of ANY subject or in any genre of photography you have taken, (you may use photos already posted for previous Foto Fridays or new ones) next Friday, and the winner selected will receive one of these:

a glass photo tile pendant, made by me.

The winner will have the option to customize the pendant by emailing me a personal photo of their own OR to chose one from a selection of my own photographs for their necklace. Like these:

Contest closes Friday at midnight. Winner to be announced Monday.

(Not trying for suspense, only going out of town! hehe)

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