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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Countdown Begins (er, BEGAN)

I was all set to sit down and make a post about entering into the Smooch Final-Weeks Countdown, since I now have 10 weeks to go on this pregnancy.

Except, turns out, I don't.

I double checked my "week" just a moment ago and turns out I am NOT at 30 weeks, but actually 2 days shy of 32 weeks! SCORE.

That means I DON'T have 10 weeks to go, only8 weeks to go. Cha-stinkin'-ching, as we say around here.

This goes to show you-I was NOT exaggerating about being busy and time just flying this past month-it really DID!

So here are my supposed-to-be-30-weeks-but-turns-out-to-be-almost-32-week belly pictures.

Frankly, not sure how my belly can stretch out 8 more weeks worth, knowing that Smooch is going to likely triple in weight by the end.

Looks to me like Duchess it wondering the same thing...

Seriously, I am huge.

Not just my belly, either, but just about everything. Swollen feet (Leah O.)??? ha! I think not. Swollen EVERYTHING about sums it up. In fact, I weigh now more than I have EVER weighed non-pregnant and even PREGNANT. (May I remind you I still have 8 weeks of weight gain?)

Talk about DEPRESSING.

REALLY trying not to get discouraged about the whole weight thing. It isn't really working though. It is pretty much constantly on my mind. I have even had to stop wearing a few maternity shorts because they actually HURT to sit down in. ugh

I am also beginning to excel in the waddling which just adds to my lovely self-image! Nothing more lovely than a waddling beach-whale! hehe

On the BRIGHT side though-

I haven't added any NEW stretchmarks this pregnancy. Which doesn't really say too awful much since I am already the offspring of fruit-striped-gum. But no NEW ones is always good!!!

Also, my back, feet, and groin aren't in constant pain like they were during Adele's pregnancy. I remember it being almost debilitating back then so that is profound reason to rejoice!!

Enough about me, what about Smooch?

We are no further along in the name department. I have, however, changed my opinion as to whether this baby is a boy or a girl. Methinks it is a girl these days. Even still, I find myself referring to "him" more often than "her".

Andrew says it HAS to be a boy because God wants him to have a brother and he already HAS two sisters, so if Smooch is indeed a girl, I certainly hope it doesn't spoil anything for the Panda.

Little Smooch would punch and kick and I would feel all sorts of jabs and jostles. Now that Smooch is a bit bigger, s/he is getting a bit more feisty. Like doing actual SOMERSAULTS or swiping my belly from top to bottom in one huge, constant wave. It is really weird feeling and REALLY weird to watch. If I weren't so fruity-striped, I might just have had to post a video of my crazy sci-fi mutating belly. Its pretty fun to watch.

Finally~ that list I made of Smooch projects? Not a one has been done. Matter of fact, not a ONE has been started. Too many other things to be working on-for the family and for others. This makes me very, very sad because I wanted so badly to have some baby projects under my belt by now. Maybe when things slow down?

But slowing down? How likely is THAT?

Not very, if you ask me.

Especially, not if weeks can sneak past me unnoticed!


Bonnie said...

Yep, I'm 30 weeks today, good grief, I don't know whats more strange: being 30 weeks already, or that in 10 weeks it will be SEPTEMBER!

I skimmed this, as we are eating in a few minutes because B. is leaving for the evening, but I'm sure I'll have more to say once the dishes have been done!

Lana said...

you poor thing! during my first pregnancy, i learned that getting PLENTY (read, more than you could ever think you need)protein helped my swelling go down. but then i had like, preeclampsia that my midwife and i fortunately caught before it got bad. but we treated it with lots of protein - i was drinking that nasty body builder whey protein shake stuff (vanilla flavored mixed in vanilla pudding wasn't too bad, actually).

i know you don't know me, but if you read this comment at all, PLEASE try some extra protein. it helped me within hours, but i had to keep it up faithfully. if it works, lmk.
and remember, the water weight comes off so quickly.

as far as the rest of the belly stretching... i didn't get a hint of a stretch mark until my baby (8 lbs 1 oz) was 39 weeks and 5 days along. i kid you not. it was crazy! but i rubbed some herbal salve (we call it 'green stuff') on it once my skin started stretching, and the redness disappeared within hours, and i kept it up til after baby boy was born, and voila, no stretch marks! (my mom's recipe is here: http://pursuingjoy.blogspot.com/2010/06/apothecary.html)
i also used coconut oil throughout my pregnancy, and i think that helped keep my skin healthy and stretchy. plus it made me feel really special. unfortunately, my skin has never fully un-stretched. but oh well, it's about to need to stretch again anyways.

anyways,congrats on your lil smooch being so close :) praying prayers for you and your family.

Leah O said...

I've had five kids, and with each one my starting weight was a few pounds more (and I won't even mention my ending weights...ahem)and I used to bellyache (pun) about it each time, but then on my last one, Daisy, I think I finally came to peace with the fact that I am a MOTHER of FIVE CHILDREN!!! I am not an airbrushed, stylized, cosmo-crap cookie-cutter magazine cover girl, thank God!
I have a wonderful life! (I know you feel the same way too.) And I hope you believe me when I tell you you look BEAUTIFUL, no kidding. (In fact that silhouette shot looks just like my bumper sticker). And I'll bet you anything I can boast more "fruit stripes" than you!
But on the "fat mother" subject, maybe this post would encourage you a little. It's helped me a lot:
(fourth paragraph)
But I feel for you all the same.
Been there.

Bonnie said...

Allrighty-dighty (as we say around *here*), suppers et, though dishes not cleaned up, but *my* aching back is requiring a seat right now...
I have blocked from memory what I weighed with the others, but know that I weigh A LOT. A whole stinkin' lot. More than you, of this I'm certain (and I'm about 4 inches shorter), at least with being tall, it disperses better....
Not sure how I'm gonna stretch another 10 weeks, and Beans feels like he's trying to dig his way out through my belly button.
No name either. Not even being discussed, much to B.'s parents annoyance. (chuckle snort) But I don't think we can leave the hospital without a name, so we'll have to come up with SOMETHING.

I'm not as swollen as I was with Biscuit, which is good, but can I tell you that my feet are, and I HATE HATE HATE flip-flops. And they are all that fits.
Bee-yu-ti-ful pictures, maybe mine tomorrow, we shall see...

Tracy said...

I think you look wonderful. I have to tell you that seriously- my belly was bigger than your by 5 months in my pregnancies. Enough worrying about your weight! What matters is that Smooch is growing and kicking and healthy. And believe me, you do not look like a whale, but a beautiful, woman carrying the gift of life.

...they call me mommy... said...

Love love clotheslines & baby bellies! YAY for miscalculating weeks along... ;) I LOVE that pic of you at the bottom of your post! :) Hear you on the weight issues...*sigh*


Kris in TN said...

I think you look wonderful ... your arms and legs are still skinny and no double chin (mine was a triple chin and I only gained 20 lbs!). I can't wait to see Smooch!

Anonymous said...

If it is jumping around and moving all the time!!! IT IS A BOY! They don't stop when they come out either. Mumofeight...six boys and two girls!

Marlene Bibby said...

You look great! Don't worry about the weight. If I can lose mine, you will too. And, projects. Well, if I remember correctly, which is saying something in itself at my age. You didn't have projects started at this point with the last one, or was that this past Christmas. Oh well, it all turned out fine either way. Enjoy this time. The projects will get done. The main thing - all you need is love!! And there is plenty of that to go around in your house.

Anonymous said...

You are a glorious example of motherhood. Take it from me...I am almost 6ft myself...expect I am nowhere near as slender as you, before, during (although I actually LOST weight during) or after my pregnancy...I sympathize with you on body image, but I assure you it does not matter. You are brining into this world children that are wanted, healthy, happy and very much loved. Your figure is the very least of your worries. So many children should be as fortunate as yours.

I have no secrets for being 'fruity striped', although I totally appreciate the reference. I am as well, and I have only one to call my own. My personal philosophy is that you will are and should always be loved for who you are, not for the battle scars a life well lived leaves upon you. And I suspect that you are. You are so very fortunate.

Best wishes to you, Smooch and your beautiful family.

I am very glad that my last message pleased you. You are an incredible example to all. Thank you for sharing.

alyssa spring said...

Whalish or not you are still lovely inside and out.....and what a HUGE surprise to learn you are two weeks closer to meeting your new little one. I'm so excited to see your baby....I remember when Adele was born.
I miscarried my fourth baby last Sunday at 8 weeks....hardest time of my life. Now, anytime I here off a new baby or see a pregnant belly it makes me SOOOO excited....even more than it use to because I am overly aware of what a wonderful gift it is. I praise God for you and your blessing.

Rebecca said...

Alyssa Spring~ you poor thing! I am so very sorry for your loss. I have never met a woman who could have such tragedy happen and still maintain a joyful spirit toward others through it all. So often women who are hurting by losing babies, or not GETTING pregnant will despise women who are getting what THEY wanted. You must be a very strong woman!

I am so sorry for your loss and so thankful for your joy even in the midst of trials.

Kimberly said...

29 weeks and change over here. Visited the midwife just this morning. You look DARLING!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Dear Rebecca,

I was meaning to write you with the great news that I was expecting #6, but found out yesterday that instead the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks instead of being the 10 weeks I thought I was. I am miscarrying now... This is the first time I've been through this, so it is very hard. We have lots of support and help down here, though, so that makes things a lot better!

All that to say, I am still very excited for you and other pregnant women I hear of/see. I agree with Alyssa, going through something like this really helps you to see what a precious gift these babies are.

The weight thing is so tough. For us women, it is so psychological, as we're bombarded (even when we don't watch t.v!) with all these messages that we must look like a model all the time... I started this pregnancy at my highest weight since I started having babies, so I hear you!! It WILL come off, I have no doubt. You are determined and can do it. The most important thing is that your baby is healthy and you are, too. This stage won't last forever.