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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Days Harvest (and the July Garden)

Just for kicks, some pictures of the July garden. This one was taken the first week of July... 

...and that one, the last.  
It is amazing what a few good July weeks can do for a garden. 

 The potatoes are nearly ready to be dug, the tomato plants are falling all over the place and the sweet corn is taller than me in spots. 
The rows aren't so prim and tidy anymore!    In fact, the garden is reaching its JUNGLE phase...when harvesting makes you wonder if you will make it out alive and where productivity wins over beauty.   

And productive, it surely is.  

Here is yesterdays' harvest:


Bonnie said...

Beautiful harvest, and beautiful garden! My tomatoes are falling over too, and so are my beans they have soooo many! This is by far the BEST bush bean variety I have ever grown, out of 2 pickings I have had well over a bushel, with more to come! Kind of hoping they finish before baby comes, but we shall see.

Terri said...

Very nice! My garden was doing well until a woodchuck took up residence. I've plugged up holes, tried a Havahart trap, everything. It now has burrowed from under the ground somewhere right smack in the middle of my spaghetti squash and helps himself throughout the day. I don't own a gun and no one has volunteered so I have to figure out something! :-(

Leah T. said...

All I can say is WOW! Your garden looks amazing! And your harvest is beautiful!

Our garden is producing a little bit but lots didn't germinate or died because of all this heat without any rain. Yesterday we did harvest a few pounds of potatoes, a few peas and beans, 5 cukes, 4 summer squash, a handful of cherry tomatoes, one cayenne pepper, and a handful of wonderberries. It looks like we could have lots of tomatoes in the coming weeks! :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Yummy! Happy Harvesting!

Gabrielle said...

Hi Rebecca!
I recently discovered this blog along with your kitchen blog and have enjoyed both.
I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a guest post on my blog? I write a Christian art and inspiration blog at www.projectpaperie.blogspot.com. Occasionally, I do "Meet an Artist" posts. I try to feature a variety of artists. I would love to have you write a post on photography on Project Paperie or interview you about your photography and cooking.
If you're interested, please leave a comment on my blog and I'll get in touch with you.
Thanks for your consideration!
God Bless,

Rebecca said...

Bonnie~ what kind of bean are THOSE?! I didn't plant nearly enough beans...we have plenty to eat but we are eating them as fast as we are picking them-without putting any up to enjoy later!

Terri~ oh MAN. Woodchucks are the gardens BANE. Hope he hightails it out of there soon! I wish I knew of some tricks for you...

Leah~ your garden sounds GREAT too! I am going to look up wonderberries--I don't know what they are! (But they sound WONDERful! hehehe)

Amy~ want some squash?!? ;-)

Gabrielle~ I tried to post a comment to your blog but was unable to do so. Something about those blogs that have the drop down menu thing-I can't comment on any of them! So here is my comment, on the off chance you will check back:

Just popping by the say "sure!" about the guest post bit you brought up on my blog. My blog email address is sgrbear724@yahoo dot com so you can email me specifics on what you would like to see/do there. Thanks for thinking of me!

Full of Grace said...

Must be nice, my garden was a flop. A HUGE flop. Hopefully next year the soil will be in better shape and I will be able to reap veggies from it rather than spend money just to feed leaves.

Rebecca said...

Ugh- I'm sorry Elizabeth! And you were so excited in the beginning!