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Monday, September 24, 2012

Home Educating Week (and the weekly schedule)

1st Grade
 This week is School Lite week here at Hopestead.  October 1st we will be diving headfirst into the deep waters of Home Education, but for this week we are just dipping in our toes to see how the water feels.

The main objective for this week of "Schooling Lite" is 1) For the children to become accustomed to a more scheduled, daily routine after a long summer of uninterrupted play and discovery.  and 2) For me to see how much they retained from last year, where to review and where to move forward.

I will also use this week to do as much monthly prep work as I can.  Ultimately, I would like to have each months' work prepared in advance, rather than scrambling last minute to get everything together in time (something I have always hoped to do, but never actually been able to accomplish.)

I thought, why not have a Homeschool Theme for my blog as well?  So this week, I'll be posting (as I am able) about homeschooling in our house.  (If you have any homeschooling questions for me-let me know and I will try to answer them this week!)

To kick things off~ here are the school childrens' weekly schedules for the year.

I laminate them and then, as we accomplish things daily, they cross them off with a dry erase marker.  The children enjoy knowing what they need to do each day and at the end of the week, I know just what we accomplished (and, incidentally, where we slacked off!)  Then, we just wipe them down for a fresh start to a new week.

The corny animals and hearts are slots that are free of that subject for the day.  I alternate history and science subjects for different days to ease the too-much-school-today blues.  Too much school in one day is just as problematic as too little.

 It is the third year of using this system and it works like a charm for us.

4th Grade


Leah T. said...

I love the idea of laminating each child's schedule so they can mark it off. I think I'll have do this as well. I can see it being very motivating. :) Do you also have a written record of what was done which day? If so, when do you fill that in? And do you use a planner?

Miranda said...

I would love to know how YOU get everything done in a day! Do you follow a routine to your day or have a schedule? Do you have it written out like the kids? I would love to see it if you do. :)

Leah T. said...

Oh, yes, I'm with Miranda! I'd love to know how you order your day.

And back to homeschooling, do you have a "schedule" for your preschoolers? How do you keep them occupied while you work with Corynn and Andrew?

Michelle said...

Cute charts! :) We are also planning on slowly heading back into homeschooling next week, once I feel like I have come up for breath from our trip home with the little guys.

...they call me mommy... said...

Ooooo...can't wait to come back and study these in more detail!!! :)

Leah said...

You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

What do you use for Geography? I've been making it up as we go along, but I think I need something more planned.


PS Just watched the clip on the whales & stars singing...amazing!!