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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Not-Quite-Twins' birthdays


Corynn and Judah had their birthdays on September 2nd.  On their birthday morning, the first morning glories began to bloom.  Exactly two.   One birthday glory for each of them.  A very special present.

It seems surreal that our firstborn could be nine years old.  NINE.    I remember when Matt and I brought Corynn home from the hospital, we looked at her with stars in our eyes and talked about what it would be like when she was nine and we laughed and said we couldn't imagine it.  And now she IS nine, that very age we had talked about in disbelief.

But it is upon us, the LAST YEAR of her SINGLE DIGIT life!  And with it comes a whole new season of "big girl" joys, problems, character developing, temptations and worry.  I'll admit, I am feeling pretty unprepared and inadequate for being the mother of big kids.  I suppose though, if you are the mother of little ones, the end result IS for them to grow up and the only thing for me to do is to rise to the occasion.

And then there is Judah who loses the last of his babyness with each passing day and each new word he utters.  This too is somewhat surreal.  I have never met a second birthday without a blossoming belly and it seems just a bit odd, no new baby promise to ease over the ache of a baby-turning-boy.   Thank goodness he still has his cyclops brow.  When that goes I will be REALLY depressed!


Having two birthdays on the same day complicates things just a bit (one can only eat so much cake, after all) so this year I decided I would decorate a cake for Corynn and decorate a pan of icecream for Judah.  Thataway, they each get their "own" but I don't waste most of the cake by giving it to the chickens.  Corynn had explicit ideas about her cake~after honing in on Andrews birthday cake and the toys that he got because of it, she requested a horse cake with green grass and hard plastic horses.   (I am loving these little animals for cake decorating.  I wouldn't spring for them-they are expensive,considering- if it weren't part of the 'present' but it is so much easier to plop a fake pony on a cake than to try and draw one with icing, let me tell YOU!)

Judah got a tractor "cake" with lots of dirt (oreos), boulders (Whoppers) and manure (hot fudge).  I realize how strangely odd it is that we would gladly eat anything coming off a manure spreader but, hey- what can I say?  This is the country, after all.  People do STRANGE things in the country.

Among the ponies on her cake and a few very good, very interesting, very LOOOoooooooong good books, Corynn got herself a magic kit.  (You'll see in the next few posts why she has a sudden affinity for magic!)  So that night, we were all given a magic show.


It was very entertaining.


...they call me mommy... said...

I'm nursing a NASTY head cold coming off our lovely SURPRISE anniversary trip (YAY!) and so I'm sipping hot teas and coffee's, drinking in your delightful photos...I soooo hear you on the 9 yo thing...my Annie turned 9 in July...yikes. (which I STILL haven't put photos up for!)

Your cakes are LOVELY and I just might have to steal the horsey idea one...what made the pond?! I laughed at the manure spreader. ;)

Love your tomato pictures...so beautiful...Amos and I and Phoebe spent the weekend at a B&B, garage sales, thrift shops, and little backroads cafe's...it was lovely...yesterday we had our church picnic....today is a catch up housework and recover from cold day...no formal learning for today as I can't do it sneezing & hacking...it better be gone tomorrow. I have too much to do to be sick!!!

Have a great week, Rebecca!!!

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Judah & Corynn!!! Love the cakes and creativity!

Leah T. said...

You know how much of this post resonates with me. My oldest and youngest had birthdays in July, the oldest turning 10 & the youngest turning 2. I also did not have a blossoming baby belly as I always had by the older children's 2nd birthdays. How can it really be that these children grow up so quickly right before our eyes.

And the cakes! Our children love it when we decorate with plastic animals. And Noah had a "banure" cake for his 2nd birthday, too! Not quite as nice as yours but here's a link to a picture, http://homesteaderlife.blogspot.com/search?q=noah+birthday .

Rebecca said...

Oh Rebecca, What a special blessing it was for me today to read your post. Been in the dumps lately as I now can't do much in the garden. But reading your stories and seeing the kids grow so fast made my day! So happy with a big smile now!! God Bless you dear.

Marlene Bibby said...

How fun! And I think the two cakes were perfect. Cake and manure! What more would a person want.

Mari said...

Rebecca, I understand the wonder of a child's birthday and trying to figure out how they got to be that old. My one and only turns 17 tomorrow and it is her last birthday "at home" since we fully expect that she will be away at college next year. Wowzies! She's everything I could hope for, but she's growing up!

As a side note, for anyone who reads this comment, if you ever find out that someone was born on 9/11, no matter the year, could you PLEASE NOT make negative comments about having your birthday on THAT day. Thank you - they and their family will appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,

I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I love it! My husband thought if I like it so much its not more than fair to let you know it. I guess he's right:)

I'm sure you don't realize it, but you inspire me so much!

God Bless!


Bonnie said...

Mrs. Bibby took the words right out of my head : )

Terri said...

Okay, I had to laugh as I was browsing down through the pictures again. Andrew's expression cracks me up in the 3rd photo down because he looks like he is really coveting that horse!! lol

Rebecca said...

Amy~ Happy Anniversary! (wahoo for lovely surprise trips!) And thanks a lot- upon reading your comment I got my own head cold.

Leah T.~ I should have guessed you would have thought of something like that too! You know what they say about great minds... ;-)

Rebecca~ THANK YOU. Your words made my day. PS. You can come over and help in MY garden if you like! ;-)

Mrs. B and Bonnie~ we even had an extra jar of "manure" for anyone who might like more! (me)

Mari~ Happy birthday to your daughter! Enjoy today!

Ruth~ THANK YOU VERY MUCH for writing and telling me! I am so happy to hear it! It really does make my day to hear from people, especially when they have such nice things to say. (And thanks to your hubby for suggesting it!)

Terri~ ACTUALLY, it is a cow and he had wrapped it up (it was his) and gave it to her as her birthday gift from him. So it was more a look like "I Hope she likes it" while simultaneously thinking "shoot, I shoulda kept it for myself!" hehehehe