What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A (Winter) Day in Pictures

Poor Mattie has been away from home since Monday, which is no fun for anyone.

I decided yesterday morning to document the day with my camera, as it was being lived.  It would give me a bit of a much-needed diversion and it might make Matt feel more at home as he sits in his hotel room all by his lonesome, reading my blog.

He does that, you know.

Thus, a day in pictures:

Up at 6 am to beat the garbage man to the curb.   Only two teeny bags this week!
Get the woodstove blazing...
I started reading to one child-but the children have radar when it comes to story-telling and eventually there was a pile of them.
Judah's turn to help with breakfast.  He thinks EVERY morning is his turn, so you have to be careful with him.
Half with ketchup, half without.  Me?  I am a ketchup on eggs kind of girl.
Big kids head out to do chores...
Time fer some lernin'.
Need to add wood to the fire
Lunch time- swipe the table free from papers and books, just enough for some eating room.  I read, they eat.
The littles go down for a rest, the biggles finish more schoolwork and then read/play quietly while I eat my lunch and work/play on the computer.
It's cold on these bitter days, no matter how roaring the fire down cellar.  Sunspots are prime learning spots.
swept and cleaned the mudroom
cleaned my bedroom while listening to this.
more wood for the fire...
Time for evening chores...my job when Matt is away.
Meanwhile, there is a ball going on inside
Chores sure are more pleasant with lights in the barn!  (A recent improvement!)
When chores are done...where did the sun go?
The children surprised me by clearing and setting the table and getting in their pj's while I was doing chores.  I think it was a BIG HINT that they were hungry. 
making yogurt
Before bed story time
After the childer were tucked in, some vacuuming needed to be done...
...because I had a boatload of laundry to fold.  Which I did, while watching a chick-flick.  (Miss Austin Regrets)  I had been storing up the clean laundry for three days so I could do this!
At 11:30, the movie was over and my folding done.  One final load up of the woodstove to get us through the night...
Checking in on the children before heading to bed myself.  Sweetlings.
Then it was to bed with me.  I read until 12:21am and then- lights out. 
 I probably don't need to say this but I will anyway...not all days are like this.

Some days include things this day left out (exercise! a-hem) and some days do not include what this day did (making yogurt).  Some days are more productive than others.  Many days it is miraculous to get school done well and meals on the table...

 This was a productive day, mostly because Matt was away and I can never go to bed at a decent time with him gone.  Instead, I stay up until my eyelids finally give up, usually about 1 am.  This means, that while I have several extra hours in which to be particularly productive...by the end of the week, I am usually also a bit growly. 

I know which one I would choose.


Kimberly said...

How charming! I love he picture of you in front of the TV folding cloths, you look so determined and adorable!

Such a wonderful home you have!

Leah T. said...

I loved seeing the day in pictures! I think my favorite was the one through the window of the children dancing. :D Hope Matt gets home soon! I don't know how you do it. (((Hugs)))

Ruth said...

I loved seeing this Rebecca! Do it on a regular basis, pretty please? ;)
By the way, you have lovely children and a lovely home :)

Terri said...

Loved the day in pictures!

Matt said...

1. Uh, we don't have a curb.
2. You look cute in glasses.
3. Feed the monster...
4. Whipped cream helps with everything.
5. Judah has his pocket knife for general family protection.
6. Judah is close to getting his own show.
7. I sit by papa first!
8. See, she likes doing chores.
9. Hopefully you ordered my gifts.
10. Tear down some strongholds!
11. Not sure what to say here...
12. Feed the monster!
13. A prerequisite for stonewall making!
14. Glasses help one listen.
15. This picture doesn't do justice to you shivering.
16. Sunspots, climate change, yada yada.
17. Baling twine and pumkin stems; a must in any mudroom.
18. Nice
19. I've told you a million times to not put your pants at the foot of the

20. Finally. Now it will stay that way for years and years.
21. Feed the Monster!
22. Walking old footsteps.
23. A typical evening at Hopestead.
24. You look cozy and right at home.
25. Welcome Home!
26. Feed the Monsters!
27. I'm sure there will be leftovers...
28. Elves and Laura Ingalls showed up!
29. Yum
30. Yuck
31. Everyone loves Pippi!
32. Where does all the dirt come from?
33. Where does all the dirty clothes come from?
34. See 3, 12, and 21.
35. Dreaming about rattlesnakes.
36. Stay warm!

beth said...

ditto, ditto, ditto what everyone above said - I know you did this for Matt, but I LOVED it!

your children's rapt expressions while you read aloud.....your cute self in the barn......the hopestead ballroom in action -


Ulli said...

Beautiful look into your day! Hurry home Matt!!

Alyssa Spring said...

Zac is a firefighter so every four days he goes away for two nights --- i can NEVER sleep. However, i'm much less productive in the evening times. I eat too many snacks and watch back to back Walton's episodes. Loved seeing your day!

Jill Foley said...

fun post!

Robbie Parker said...

I loved seeing your day. I went back and looked at the pictures with Matt's commentary...hilarious! Have a great weekend.

Rain said...

Hi! I don't know if I've even commented yet, but I've been reading here for a few months and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your posts. I really loved having a glimpse into your day. I'm a homeschooling mama of 6 (actually one has graduated) in NY
and loved seeing another mama in action. You are a good one. Thanks for the inspiration.

Julian said...

Hahaha! Your husbands comments;).
I really enjoyed looking at your day. What a neat thing to do for your husband!:) I admire you, youre doing such a great job!:) Praying strength and peace for you today. And warmth, and many many blessings!:)

...they call me mommy... said...

Just love this... <3