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Friday, January 24, 2014

Crafty Mama's Night IN (and Finances on Friday)



Like the frame Andrew made me for Christmas?  It made a perfect favor tray!

On Wednesday night, I hosted a  "Crafty Mama's Night IN" par-tay.    The original invite list was 12 but only 8 were able to come.  The absentees all had good excuses, but I missed them anyway.  *sniff*

I didn't really do much out of the ordinary to save money this week outside of the party, so I thought today I would just share my financial efforts for the Crafty Mama's Night IN

* I created my menu to use as many foods I had in my pantry as possible, while still serving 'special treats'.  The only things I bought especially for the "Ladies Night IN" were crackers and tortilla strips and some cream cheese, because my normal stash had run out.  Oh yes, and Whipped Cream Vodka and pink lemonade for a delicious ladies' night pink cocktail.  (yum.) 

On the Menu:  
Cream cheese and home-canned jalapeno jelly on crackers
Chicken Barbeque Dip with tortilla chips
Meringue Cookies
Coconut Macaroons
Sugar and Spice Pecans
Chocolate truffles
Apple chips
Cheese squares
Peppermint Tea
Pink Velvet cocktails

I offered wine (we had been gifted a bottle at Christmas) but it never got opened.

* I wanted to give little 'pamper' gifts to each of the ladies, so I bought $1.00 candles for each guest from Walmart.  (A lot cheaper than other candles the same size anywhere else.)

* The napkins and plates were those I got for .80 after Christmas.

* I used my wine goblets (set of 20 in three sizes) I got at a yard sale last summer for $5.00 for the drinks.

* I *didn't* buy flowers for the occasion, but this was less because I was financially-disciplined and more because I couldn't find any that I liked enough.  It being a 'pampering' type party, I fully intended to buy some fresh flowers.  (It's been TOO long.)

* dehydrated more apple chips.

*  bought the cheapest Whipped Cream Vodka I could find, which incidentally had a $3.00 mail in rebate.  The bottle cost me $5.00

* printed those hysterical blurb cards that are all over Pinterest to scatter on the food table and a cute quote When Life Gives You Hands Make Handmade.  (Love that.)  They were a hit.

* Used Pandora (station: Frank Sinatra) for background music.

What about you? 
Do you have anything financial to share this week? 

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