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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Review: We Choose Virtues

We Choose Virtues Review
Reading, writing and arithmetic are all important subjects for ones' education.  Art, History and Science rank up there pretty high too.  But even moreso than all of these is the responsibility of Christian parents to teach a child to love God, serve Him and to adopt His attributes for their own.  Developing and encouraging the godly character of these little souls is THE most important job a parent can do and it is a job that requires much.   Much time.  Much commitment.  Much discussion.  Much dedication.  Many good examples lived out.  And, as I have recently found out~ there is a company out there so dedicated to the importance of character development in children, they have put together several helpful resources to parents, students, families and schools in pursuit of early childhood character education!  That company is We Choose Virtues and one such resource they offer is the Early Childhood Through Early Elementary Character Education Set which includes both a set of  Parenting Cards and a whole plethora of downloadable materials to go along with them.

We Choose Virtues Review

The set of Parenting Cards include twelve 8.5″ x  5.5″ cards, printed on high-quality glossy cardstock paper, for 12 different virtues. Covered within are the virtues of Forgiving, Patient, Obedient, Attentive, Kind, Honest, Perseverant, Content, Helpful, Diligent, Gentle and Self-Controlled.  The Parenting Cards are offered with either KJV or NIrV memory verses...the KJV uses only old testament passages whereas the NIrV uses memory verses from both the old and new testaments. The set costs $38.49 and they are intended for children ages 3-11.

Each card clearly defines each virtue with simple and age appropriate definitions and through the cute "Kids of VirtueVille" (little characters who help a child associate a simple thing with a great truth).   There's Cake Jake who needs to be content with the many flavors of cake he already has access to...Penny Jenny who persevered in finding a penny with her birth year on it...Oboe Joe who needs to obey the conductor in his next performance and many more.  Each card offers several "Teachable Moments" which encourage children to really practice what they are learning through encouragement and activity ideas and suggestions along with a specific "Virtue User Challenge" which is usually a challenge not for the child but for the whole family.  After all, grown-ups need to practice their virtues too!
We Choose Virtues Review

These cards were great discussion starters and really encouraged my children to focus on that particular virtue that particular day.  To have spoken and read about patience in the morning will provide a great sounding board later in the day when patience is running thin for all parties.  That's when you can say (to yourself OR your children) "Remember when we talked about patience this morning?"

Along with the parenting cards, I was given access to the download bundle which included a Kids of VirtueVille Coloring Book, a Family Character Assessment, a Teacher's Handbook, and Butterfly Award certificates...because when you are a caterpillar you don't have to stay the same- you can change!  And change you will!  And when you become a butterfly~ then you will be strong and beautiful and....virtuous.

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