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Monday, June 23, 2014

Wedding Sneak Peek: Simeon and Marissa


What a beautiful day this was!  I loved photographing Marissa and Simeon because the bride and groom were so comfortable in front of the camera, it seemed as though they were oblivious to my presence...which a photographer loves because you get those natural photos that show real emotion and intimacy.

And I am pretty sure I have never seen a happier groom....ever.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!!! I know your not on facebook (as mentioned before) but Trevor Daley has beautiful ring shots they are mostly shared on FB, I have included his blog, if your interested :) Your ring shot reminded me of his photos, so thought I would share with you. And you could also sell your photos along with your baked goods at the yard sales. Packets of one of a kind post cards just sitting by the cashier :) Thank you for sharing your love of photography and the beautiful world you live in!!


Anonymous said...

Whoops forgot the link...http://www.trevordayley.com/#portfoliotd-section


Ulli said...

Excellent photography, Rebecca! You really have the eye! You're right--the groom is so happy he's about to bust--and the bride is full of smiles too. What a sweet young couple. Where did the wedding/reception take place?
BTW--no wedding here yet. I'm being patient :)

cathie3914 said...

this pictures are stunning!
And I agree with you --- he seems positively smitten!!

Be Blessed

Abigail said...

These are wonderful! I especially love that close-up of Martha and every last one of Simeon and Marissa by themselves. I can't imagine why they don't seem to be the slightest bit aware of you; it's not like they'd been waiting years for this day! :)